Review: Nendoroid Riela

I’ve been feeling really high from Anime Festival Asia few days back but time for another review! Today let’s take a look at Nendoroid Riela! Riela is from the game Valkyria Chronicles 3 and being one of the main characters, she is now in Nendoroid form for everyone!!

After the previous reviews of both Toko and HMO Miku, it’s rather refreshing to have a Nendoroid with lesser accessories? =3

Riela has a really interesting colour scheme for her hair. It has 2 tones and very unique! I don’t have any other Nendoroid with such cool hair!  Riela also has a very detailed costume with all sorts of emblems and lines.

I also like how Riela has gloves and boots! Riela is also asymmetrical, with a pouch on her right and her ponytail on her left.

Riela’s ponytail is on a joint and can swing about.


Riela’s boots are tiny but look at the paint job! Although there is a smudge on Riela’s right thigh, it isn’t so obvious and something that I can accept.

Look at the leather corset/belt and her buckle for the bag. Even the red lines down her shirt has grooves sculpted into it! Her collars also has military insignias printed on them! Her uniform is really subtle, but there are tons of details!

Even her back has words printed on. Very detailed for a Nendoroid!

check it out! Look at that funky end! It’s not a normal peg now is it? What can it be?

If you guessed a magnet, bingo! It’s strong and can hold the Nendoroid up with no issues. As strong as the magnet is however, the stand is not that strong and just be careful when posing so that Riela doesn’t faceplant.

Riela comes with a tremendous amount of hands, an angry expression and a bent leg. Weapons include a crowbar with 2 nails, a dagger and the Valkyrian lance and shield.

I’m not really a fan of generic smiling faces for Nendoroids and Riela is no exception. So let’s switch this out for the kick-ass angry one!

Riela with her dagger and the crowbar! The nails provided are really tiny with sharp ends. Be careful not to lose them and avoid getting pricked~ =3

However the main highlight for Riela has got to be those huge weapons!

Behold the Valkyrian lance and shield! The weapons are shadowed with black giving it more depth. Other than that, it just looks very spirally~

Being the arm-type stand, action poses are a cinch! The weapons take some effort to put them in but once it’s done, it won’t fall off that easily. Plus Riela looks really good with them on.



For the Nendoroid, Riela has a really detailed costume and coupled with her distinctive hair, she’s bound to stand out. For the accessories, I would prefer an extra face-plate but for what it’s worth, the angry one is cool enough for me. Her weapons are also cool and when it’s so easy to pose her, the whole experience is just a delight. I haven’t played Valkyria Chronicles and got her because she looks kick-ass, and she IS awesome in the end making my choice justified. I would recommend this highly to anyone since this Nendoroid has quality and playability bundled with a reasonable price-tag.

Valkyries are awesome stuff. Choosers of the slain~




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