Review: Figurine 1/7 Zange-Chan (Bunny Girl Ver.)

Been some time since we had a figurine review so let’s get to one now! Zange-chan will be today’s guest star and being my favourite Kannagi character, I wonder how she will hold up to my expectations?

Zange is in 1/7 scale, which is larger than the 1/8 figurines I normally have. You can sort of feel the size difference when you are handling here but since she is kneeling down, the difference isn’t that obvious. =3 Kotobukiya also added in a pink cushion!

Zange comes without a base considering her posture. She balances well and has a rather seductive pose~ The sculpt is rather simple but they are little details here and there.

You can see how Zange’s hair cascades down from the front here.

As with all the figurines I own, their face is of the utmost importance. Zange has a very placid look going on which is rather strange considering how seductive she is? The little smile on her face is rather playful though so I suppose this is the part where Zange is beginning to come on to you? The face has no shading done which makes it very monotone and flat. =(

A closer look at Zange’s face from the side and her *ahem* twin assets. Zange’s backward glance means you have to display here a certain angle for the figurine to work and that sort of limits how much you can work with her. =3

The creases and wrinkles on her costumes are really nicely done here and easily my favourite bit of this figurine. It really reinforces the fact of how busty and bombshell-ish Zange/Haruka is as a character. =D

Zange’s hair reminds me of noodles but I like how the hair falls differently when it’s propped up by her right hand.

Zange also has painted fingernails!! =D

Zange has really looong legs and boy does she show it. The legs have some shading done at the joint parts to give it more definition and it does look good. However there are still some seamlines visible but only if you really look for it.

Photos from different angles. Zange’s stare really locks you into how you can position her during display. =3

The pink cushion! It’s a nice touch and gives a fluffy feeling to the whole figurine! You can either display Zange on a folded cushion or open it up for more soft pinky goodness.

oooh looks comfortable~ Let’s share a bed together Zange-chan~


Despite my favourite character being Zange and really happy that I got her in figurine form, I’m rather underwhelmed. I think it boils down to personal taste and I prefer figurines engaged in more dynamic poses and whatnot. Don’t get me wrong, Zange is a nice figure to have and is a well done albeit plain figurine. I managed to snag Zange during a sale for around 2500Yen so it was really a bargain already. Honesetly, I just don’t see myself paying 7000Yen+ for such a figurine when I could be paying the same for something better. Get Zange if she’s on a discount or if you desperately need a bunny girl but otherwise, it’s fine to skip her and get the Nendoroid instead~

bunny girls seem to have gone out of vogue…now it’s all cat girls?







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