Review: Figma Kuroneko

I pre-ordered Figma Kuroneko since I already pre-ordered the Nendoroid that time and was wondering why not? I reviewed the Nendoroid and was rather pleased so how will the Figma compare?

Kuroneko is number 101 in the Figma line-up, just straight after Miku Append (reviewed)!

The Nendoroid had the same dress but now that it is blown up into Figma size, the colour and design just seems really dull and grim. The purple lacing with the black doesn’t pop enough and the white just makes it looks so sanitized. In the anime, Kuroneko was constantly moving so it wasn’t so obvious? I also used the cat ears instead of the default rose headband accidentally.

Check out those bows on her hands! The skirt is also a gigantic piece of plastic. You can’t move it around and it seriously restricts the leg movement of Kuroneko. =(

A closer look at the little bows.etc on Kuroneko. My 2 little bows near Kuroneko’s waist have some paint defects but it’s not that obvious.

Kuroneko comes with plenty of accessories. A chair, teacup and plate, extra fringe, handbag, 2 plain books(with stickers), hand rack and a whole lower body.

The Figma stands fits very awkwardly into Kuroneko’s back. Since Kuroneko has long hair, the stand props her head downward resulting in very unnatural poses. Normally for long-haired gals, Maxfactory either plugs the stand into their head or provided an additional peg that goes below the head. Kuroneko comes with none. =( Good thing Kuroneko stands easily and steadily.

The handbag sits really loosely and unless you have Kuroneko grab on to the straps, it will fall off.

The 2 other expressions. The shy one (left) and the blank one (right). All of Kuroneko’s expressions seem really similar and considering how Kuroneko was in the anime, this isn’t off the mark by any stretch.The books are also ridiculously difficult to balance in Kuroneko’s hands. For some reason the hands provided can’t really grip the books or DVDs properly and they fall off at the slightest touch.

I like this expression of Kuroneko’s the most. The haughty one. Why is she cackling so? Because she has tea and you don’t!

She does look so regal on the chair doesn’t she?


I really like the Nendoroid Kuroneko but the Figma..? Not so. The handbag, books provided are loose, she has really little articulation around her legs, her costume seems nondescript and despite the cool extras such as the tea stuff and the chair, I can’t really recommend her to anyone. Unless you really want a poseable Kuroneko, you aren’t missing out on anything.

All shall bow before the Mistress of the Night….







6 thoughts on “Review: Figma Kuroneko

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  2. are you able to remove the skirt so she just has her legs? ^^ otherwise the movement must be so limited :c id rather make her a cloth skirt or something

    • I don’t think it’s really possible as it’s glued there. Even if you do remove the skirt, she has her bloomers on so it does look kinda strange..terrible range of articulation for her legs..guess that’s why MF has an alternate sitting down part?

      The cloth skirt idea seems really cool..kind of like Figma Index? =3

      • hmm i see… also, i forgot to ask, are the nekomimi on a band or attached to hair? ^^ shes a nice looking figma, but im not sure if i want to buy her

      • Kuroneko has 2 different fringe parts, 1 with the nekomimi and 1 with the rose band. She does look really nice but articulation wise isn’t all that great. Get it based on your personal preference I suppose. =3

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