Review: Nendoroid Kotobuki Tsumugi

To continue with the K-On Nendoroids reviews. Here is the Gentlemen’s favourite, Kotobuki Tsumugi!

Mugi comes in a purple box with the same patterns the previous releases had.

Mugi gives off a very pleasant vibe right out of the box. She looks so happy with that smile and makes me realy glad I finally released her from her plastic prison. Anyways, Mugi has more definition in her hair sculpt, the curls and waves from the front to back gives Mugi a more dynamic look compared to Mio’s rather boring sculpt. The body is more or less the same so nothing much to comment there.

You can see the separate parts for the hair glued onto the main hair piece. There are some obvious seamlines there but since it’s at the side, it shouldn’t be that distracting.

It’s still the same uniform, but Mugi’s lighter hair colour sort of brightens the Nendoroid considerably.

I was sort of hoping that all K-On Nendoroids would have different stands, however Mugi got the same stand as Yui did. =(

Mugi comes various arms, a tea set, her keyboard and 2 other face-plates. No bent legs! (Not that I think she really needs them?)

The stuff on the tray can be removed if you desire.I really like K-On Nendoroids face-plates, we have an awesome blank look from Mugi here.

Ooops Mugi dropped the tray…~

Muggiiii, do you have anything to eat? – Yui

Eh Yui-chan, I just dropped the ca…k… Yes I do! – Mugi

She has a face-plate without any eyebrows which are thus provided here as stickers!

Why do you need those stickers? To replicate the pickle eyebrow scene of course!

Here Yui-chan, have a pickle~ – Mugi

Yay!! – Yui

Munch munch munch~

*Eh? Was that a dream*?

Oh right, band-practice time!

Alright, let’s go!


Mugi is a delightful Nendoroid, she doesn’t come with that much stuff, but the pickle arm part is worth getting this Nendoroid for me. The Nendoroid itself looks pretty simple but the hair sculpt is nice and the expressions are interesting. Would I recommend it? Yes if you watched K-On and enjoyed how nonsensical Mugi can be. For the neutrals, she is really cute and if Mugi really appeals to you, why not give her a try? I highly doubt you will regret it.

Let’s go, let’s go go go!


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