Review: Nendoroid Nakano Azusa

Had school over the weekend thus the lack of updates. Now that it’s over however, let’s focus back on Nendoroids! K-On moeblob princess Azunyan is due for her review!! =D


Alright let’s pluck Azunyan out of the box!

Azusa comes with the same base as Mio I think, both have cat ears. =D

Azusa comes out of the box with her hands in the nyaa nyaa cat pose. I really like Nendoroids who got packaged differently from the generic standing pose. Azusa’s uniform has similar details to her senpai except for the red ribbon. Her hair sculpt is is simple with 2 pigtails that attach on ball joints. My Nendoroid has some paint bleeding on her left sock and also some brown splotches on it. It should be an isolated issue but just stare at your package if possible to select the nicest looking one. =3

From the sides, Azusa’s hair really look a thick noodle strand. =3

Nyaa nyaa action~

Azusa comes plenty of arm parts, 1 bent leg, her guitar “Muttan” and amp, 2 other face-plates and a cat!

Her Nekomimi slide on easily and stay on well so no problems during posing.

Hey a kitty~ Let’s stroke him!

Uhwah, it’s looking at me!

This is the embarrassed/shocked expression that comes with Azunyan and I like this more than the smiling one.


I wonder what just happened….?


Azusa-chan, we have band practice today, we were looking all over for you!


The blank expression which is just awesome. I like how most K-On Nendoroids have dumb expressions and Azusa has this really fun one. =D

come on Azusa-chan, let’s go!

uuhhwaaaah…i forgooootttt

Jajauma way to go~

The package shows Azusa holding some yellow pick for the strumming hand but for some reason, mine has no pick!! I either lost it or mine didn’t come with it….man that’s a bummer. I can still live with it but I imagine some people might be going crazy over this. =(


Azusa wasn’t one of my favourite characters from K-On but the Nendoroid was surprisingly fun and cute. I had plenty of fun taking photos and posing Azusa in all sorts of random poses. For Azusa fans, it’s a must have considering how well-made and not to mention cute she is! For K-On fans or casual collectors who aren’t affected by Azusa’s moe-ness, should you go for her? I would say Yes. She has the cat, cool face-plates and moveable pig tails. However that Yes isn’t that strong of a yes so if you don’t feel for this Nendoroid, it’s not a huge loss skipping this release.Did I contradict myself? =3

I have no Ritsu to complete the band……I missed the re-issue pre-orders. =(



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