Review: Nendoroid Hirasawa Ui

Ui is the younger sister of Yui from K-On so let’s take a look at how she fares!

Ui is the last K-On Nendoroid I have in my collection and unless I can grab hold of Ritsu or the live-sets, it will probably the last K-On Nendoroid for review.

Ui has the same bear stand as Yui does and comes with 2 skirt pegs. 1 for her junior high uniform and the other for the high school uniform.

Ui comes in her junior high uniform right out of the box and it’s simple but pleasing. Ui has a ponytail on a ball joint and a ribbon attached to it. You can remove the ribbon if you wish and plug in any other hair part that can fit the GSC ball joint. The lines on Ui’s uniform are neat with no bleeding on mine. =)

Ui from the side, very simple and abeit boring?

Despite being plain, Ui has a delightful charm to her. =3

Ui doesn’t come with that many accessories which is sorta sad. It’s really nice however that GSC provided you an entire body for Ui so that means you can switch around her uniforms without affecting the rest of the K-On Nendoroids. So at least your Azusa is safe from having her body robbed. =D

Ui seems very calm despite seeing a hairless body lying on the ground~

With only 2 bent arms provided, there are only so many poses you can strike with Ui.

Her default expression was too serene for my tastes and the 2 other face-plates are much more interesting. You have the ‘Yay happy” expression and also the @_@ one which brings much more flavour to Ui. =)

Ui looks more grown up in the Sakura Highschool uniform and she can also obviously switch on Yui’s hair if you wanted to. For some reason however, if you make Ui wear Yui’s hair, it’s loose and shakes around slightly.

With the blue-ribbon provided, you can also make Ui jump up 1 grade and become a senior!

Onee-chan, you’re late for school again~ – Ui

Ahhhhh *pants pants pants* – Yui

Ah a cat, how cute~ – Ui

Eh that cat is dangerous…- Azusa


Ui is fun and despite having minimal accessories, she is a worthy addition to the K-On Nendoroid line. Despite that however, I was wondering during the review why the heck did I get her. I didn’t really adore the character, there isn’t much playability with Ui and the the value just didn’t seem that worth it to me. I wouldn’t recommend you getting her not because of her quality (which is good) but more of Ui being an add-on than a main-stay.

平沢 for the win!


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