Review: S.H. Figuarts Ankh Stand Set

been doing Nendoroid reviews recently so let’s come back to S.H. Figuarts and what better way to do that than review a dis-embodied hand?

Ankh is from Kamen Rider 000 and was the one who originally provided Eiji with the 000 driver and the core medals for his Henshin. There was already a first release bonus Ankh hand that came with the Tatoba SHF and Bandai decided to screw those buyers royally by releasing a new Ankh set separately.

Out of the box. Not much to say considering it’s just a hand…the sculpt is good with all sorts of scales and grooves on it and also the paint was done fantastically, all the little details like the fingernails, rings and also the gradient shading looks superb.

Chek out those fingers. Pretty neat eh~

Ankh comes with 4 other hands and 2 piles of medals/coins to attach on to the base. The package also includes 1 Tamashii stand for Ankh.

This is my favourite Ankh hand and he is giving the core-medals out. It’s cool that the core medals are made of clear plastic and despite having some blemishes on mine, I’m still happy with it. =3

Eiji take it!

Angry? Have some ice-cream!

Stop sulking! Take that!!

Muahahahaha feel the power of Ankh~

Uhwaaah help me!!


This is just one of the many add-on sets that Bandai always graciously provides, so that we humble fans have a way of getting our favourite characters even though it has already been released. =3 I would never ever pay for this set considering that I haven’t watched 000 and don’t plan to and frankly the idea of just getting this for a hand seems too much for me personally. The detail and paint is really nice but it’s too little for me. Since I got Ankh free of charge from a friend, I shall not complain but seriously if you have the money, instead of this, go get a burger or something. This release is really for the collect em’ all guys~


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you just go suckered by Bandai! AGAIN! – Ankh




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