Review: S.H.Figuarts Gokai Green + First Release Bonus Gokai Darin

I just received Gokai Blue not too long ago and before I knew it, Gokai Green came through the mail and landed on my table, scary how fast time flies~ Ah well let’s go ahead and do the review for Hakase aka Don Dogoier!

Gokai Green:

I personally think that of all the recent SHF boxes, the Gokaigers have the prettiest ones. =3 I managed to get Gokia Green with the first-release bonus and we will be taking a look at that later~

Gokai Red came with folded arms, Blue came with the crazy sword parts and Green comes with Navi!! Nice =D

I personally didn’t like Green’s tone of erm green in the show and thought it looked rather sickly. A deeper hue would be preferable to me but sadly enough, the SHF goes with the show’s tone of green. =(  Anyways same body as Red and Blue so no surprises here. Same gold colour as well, but for some reason, it looks much better on Green than on Red and Blue. Hmm..=3

Lean and mean!

This Gokai Green I got is really nice and has no minor defects like paint applications messed up, glue splotches.etc. Sweet~

Gokai Green comes with similar accessories as the previous Gokaigers did and also Navi, Their avian navigator!

For something so small, there are really nice paint applications on it. The wings are on ball joints, the neck and legs can all rotate, which makes it really playable and fun~

check out the details on those wings~

However Navi doesn’t come with a stand so you have to use a Tamashii stand or something to support him. There are also no pegs or holes to plug it into the stands so you have to resort to clipping him up to make him fly. Not that most elegant of solutions, but it works~

Some random poses~

Gokai Green also comes with the really detailed and beautiful Gokai Cellular and Ranger Keys but since I already seen it 3 times, I decided to skip posing Green with them and go straight to the weapons.

Take that! See who is the greenhorn here!


What does Dadada mean? – Gokai Red

Ehhh…? – Gokai Green

eh 鳥, time to treasure navigate! – Gokai Red

Told you I’m not 鳥 , my name is Navi! =0

Conclusion for Gokai Green:

Gokai Green is a really fun SHF. Aesthetically speaking, he has really slim proportions and looks really eye-catching. The body used by Bandai can really pull off all sorts of poses and the inclusion of Navi just spiced things up so much more. Being a fan of the series, Gokai Green is a really solid addition and I hardly regret getting him. However if you’re a casual collector, I can’t really see how this purchase can add value to your collection, especially if you have never watched Gokaigers before. Get Green if you already have Red or Blue, if not just start with Red or Blue. =)

Gokai Darin:

The Darin is a first release bonus that accompanies Gokai Green and it is a chunky, colourful piece of plastic~

Similar to the previous 2 Darins, it’s has nice paint applications and looks really impressive for a freebie.

Green comes with the same Darin that Blue came with, just a colour swap.

Let’s drive some robots~

Conclusion for Gokai Darin:

It’s a really neat piece of accessory for the Gokaigers but I don’t think the SHF would suffer too terribly without it. Get the 1st release bonus if you can and grab it quick now, before the prices rocket but if you can’t get it, it isn’t so bad to settle for the SHF itself.

now let’s just wait for Luka and Ahim~




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