News: Nendoroid Nero Yuzurizaki

Nero from Milky Holmes got a preview on Mikatan! And despite being my least favourite Milky Holmes girl, she looks cute enough~

I was little bummed out that the next Milky Holmes girl wasn’t Cordelia but ah well, better I get some Milky Holmes than none~

I also noticed that Nero has a clear part for the ribbon on her hat. Considering that this is the prototype, I wonder if it will be carried through to the final product? Anihoo, check out Nero’s serious Toys expression~

However, this is the best part of Nero for me. Non-watchers from the anime will probably go WTF but if you watched it, this will make you smile at the very least.

I am definitely getting all the Milky Holmes girls since they look so adorable with their colours and costumes. How about you guys? Any detective amongst them tickling your fancy?



all pictures and info linked from Mikatan. =D


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