Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form

Ulitmate Kuuga was always one of those SHFs that I have always wanted, but never really had the chance to own due to it being older and harder to find. So when I chanced upon Hobby Search having a reissue this November, I jumped on it without a doubt!! So let’s take a look at how this form of Kuuga turns out!

Ultimate Kuuga is ridiculously powerful and every attack of his makes his opponent bleed. His Rider Kick “Ultimate Mighty Kick” can destroy the world at its full power. Just let that sink in for a moment, a rider kick destroying the world? Man that’s some insanity….

Kuuga right out of the box! Ultimate has some flat coat going on with the black which makes for a very pleasing aesthetic and tactile feel. The golden trims have no spillage and adds a really classy touch to the SHF. It’s also worth noting that Ultimate Kuuga is taller and larger than standard SHFs. Rather befitting the title ‘Ultimate’ eh! But because of his larger chest, his arms looks thin in comparison and when you stare at his wrists, the proportions seems really wrong.

The bracelets, knee pads and ankles also break up the black very nicely and even though it isn’t that obvious, there are also blue veins running across his body. Just based off my first impression, I got to say I really really love how Ultimate Kuuga looks.

A closer look at all those handsome lines.

Even below the shoulder armour, Bandai didn’t skimp on the details, check out the lines.Also for his abdomen, everything is painted real nicely. Kuuga’s belt also utilises clear dark plastic for the center. Not that striking but at least it’s clear plastic. =3

Being more of a melee fighter, Kuuga doesn’t come with weapons and instead he just comes with plenty of hands and also the dark-eyed face mask.To switch out the faces, just gently nudge the current mask out and change them around. It’s really brainless and shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Arrgghhhhhhhh! No I won’t lose, I can fight it…

超変身! (Chou Henshin)

Ultimate Kuuga has die-cast feet and that makes posing him a cinch. Feels very solid and he can hold his stances with no problems.

Ultimate Kuuga also has gloriously large clear red compound eyes and if you can catch the light in them, they sparkle most pleasingly. =D

Gurongi, time for your ultimate destruction! – Kuuga

Eh…gurongi? Eh I’m Kumo-otoko! – Kumo-otoko

It matters not, for my will is ultimate! – Kuuga



eehh wait….you got the wrong monster….- Kumo-otoko




just to highlight, the effect parts DOES not come with Ultimate Kuuga, there are from my collection. =)


I have only good things to say about this SHF. Aesthetically it looks really really good, simple yet elegant, bulky yet sleek. The figure itself has no loose parts and can do almost all of the poses you require of him without much effort. The only knock against Ultimate Kuuga would be perhaps lack of weapons or effect part but seriously, that would really be nitpicking. Kuuga Ultimate Form is a tremendous SHF and I cannot recommend it enough. I’m so glad that I got mine when it got re-released and seriously guys, add him to your collection! You won’t regret it. =D

Now I’m having my eye on mighty rising Kuuga. Let’s see how that pans out~


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