Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Nigo 新 (Shin Ver.)


I was so impressed with how SHF Ichigo Shin turned out and when I found out that Bandai is releasing Nigo, I pre-ordered him straight off Hobbylink Japan and now he is here, all ready for reviewing!

Nigo is the 2nd Kamen Rider in the original Kamen Rider series and he, Ichimonji Hayato together with Hongo Takeshi (Ichigo) work together to thwart Shocker’s plans. Originally, Nigo didn’t have the red gloves and boots, that came later and that’s why this is the 新 (Shin) ver. =) Nigo comes in the same box as Ichigo did with just a few cosmetic differences such as the stripes and the poses.

The sculpt is almost identical to Ichigo and so is the body used. Ichigo was brilliant and the same goes for Nigo as well. Aesthetically, Nigo’s gloves, boots and scarf has a gloss to it and his body doesn’t seem to be as flat-coated as Ichigo’s one was. The glossy red makes it look plasticky and cheap which really made me sad. Why not just continue with Ichigo and make everything flat or matt coat? Other than that, everything is fine and looks fantastic.

You can see the single stripe running down Nigo’s suit here and it’s white, compared to Ichigo’s silver stripes.

side by side view of Nigo and Ichigo.

Other than the stripe differences, the only other variations I could spot were the

head paint application,

and the belts.

Nigo comes with the same amount of stuff Ichigo did, minus the shocker sword. Nigo’s effect part also didn’t have that much of a paint gradient compared to Ichigo. Doh~


Rider Punch!


Riderrr Kick!!

For some reason. Nigo’s effect part also doesn’t fit on as snugly as Ichigo’s one did. Doh~

Nigo can also obviously ride Cyclone. Now I feel tempted to get another Cyclone for Nigo. Ahhhhh….


Nigo is pretty much a repaint of Ichigo and similar in every way. Nigo doesn’t look and feel as nice as Ichigo did with the glossy red and little flat-coat, no shocker sword and also a looser effect part so if you’re getting Nigo and don’t have Ichigo, I would recommend going for Ichigo instead. Even with all those faults however, Nigo is based off a really solid SHF so you are getting something great right out of the box. I’m really ambivalent about recommending Nigo to others considering it’s essentially a repeat but personally, I couldn’t be happier. I have always imagined having the first 2 Riders in SHF form and now I can finally do all the random poses that I always wanted to. Get Nigo if he appeals to you or if you’re a completist, if not just stop at Ichigo. =)

god I love Showa Riders~



7 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Nigo 新 (Shin Ver.)

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    • hmmm the silver is more brilliant for Ichigo, Nigo has a rather plasticky red going on for him. Hahaha yeah I took it with the rocks because it reminded of their shows. =D

  2. Love the outdoor shots! One can’t be without the other if you’re a Showa fan IMO.

    I wished Nigo came with a dark green helmet as well, as that’s how he’s portrayed in the later Showa reunion finales.

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