News: Nendoroid Saber and Rin Cheerful Version!

Mikatan previewed the next cheerful set, which is a Rin and Saber combo!

I must confess when I read that there will be a new Nendoroid Saber and especially Rin, I was especially excited, and seriously wanted to get this~

then I saw this. My heart pretty much sank and gave up on the 2 of them. Look at their bellies, we have 2 really adorable Nendoroids with a paunch! Man no offence to the sculptor but the 2 of them looked like they had 1 too many donuts and now can hardly squeeze into their outfits. =( I know they are Nendoroids and are meant to be cute but I have over 20 Nendoroids and none exudes pudginess like Saber and Rin does. =(

credit be due though, they are really really cute and if you make them sit down, the bulge isn’t that obvious. =( Still there are nice details like the cross on Rin’s outfit and Saber’s mark on hers.

Other than the pom poms, they come with a gargantuan flag and man that is gonna take up some space..

well I know I’m going to skip this release considering that I am going to Japan in 2 weeks time and contribute directly to their economy and these 2 Nendoroids don’t appeal to me at all. Are you folks tempted by this? Anyways now that Rin is here as a Cheerful version, let’s hope Rin gets a nice normal Nendoroid release!!

This set will cost you 6000 Yen before shipping and all information is from Mikatan blog.



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