Review: Figurine 1/8 Nagato Yuki (Alter)

Haven’t done a figurine review for quite some time so I cracked upon my Nagato figurine and snapped away~

I got Yuki somewhere early this year, around April at a VERY good price of 3000Yen+ off the local forums. The seller was really nice and decided to sell me at that price despite other buyers offering him a higher price. Very much appreciated bro! Alter stuff is always insanely popular and for a 2009 release, you can barely find her any more. Even if you do find Yuki. she will probably cost you an arm and leg… =O

Depressingly enough, Alter didn’t seem to have much creativity then when it came to bases. A solid white piece with a Y emblazoned on. Very very boring.


Yuki comes in a sitting pose and it’s rather different from generic standing poses. Also because she is sitting, she would seem smaller than normal 1/8 figurines.

From the sides, you can also get a slight glimpse of her pantsu~ Awww Yuki you’re such a tease..Although this is a simple pose, there are all sorts of little details which I will take a look further down.

First off is the all important face! Yuki has a very delicate, gentle expression going here. It’s tender and soft enough to make you want to embrace her!! I really like how this turned out as you normally won’t catch Yuki like that. Uhwaaah~ Her hair sculpt also has a variety of locks which gives it more definition.

A look at how realistically her clothes has been rendered and boy does it look good. I also like the little detail of Yuki’s right hand balancing on her foot and it just makes the whole vibe even cuter~ Yuki also has sculpted fingernails for both hands. Anyway, check out the glasses from below. It’s not really see-through and it functions like real glasses. (Maybe?)

I also think for some reason with Nagato kneeling like that, there is a subtle hint of sexiness going on with that.


Alter normally makes awesome figurines and Yuki is no exception. The fact that she is pretty much sold out everywhere and really expensive if not is pretty much a testament to how great she is. Personally I seriously love her. It’s a simple pose but there are so many little nuances and details that it just takes time to grow on you. Another plus point is that she is relatively small so Yuki also helps you to save storage space!! =3 Get Yuki if you can, if not just hope somebody will part with her for cheap. =)



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