Review: Figma Asahina Mikuru

I have covered plenty of Haruhi Figmas, but none on Mikuru, the moeful mascot of the S.O.S dan. So let’s hop back in time and have a look at the time-traveller herself~

Mikuru is Figma 006, which means she was really early up the Figma line-up. =3

Mikuru has a wavy hair sculpt that seems to swinging in the breeze, Her blue skirt is rubber so it doesn’t obstruct the movement that much.

Nothing much remarkable from the sides except for Mikuru’s blooming bust~ =3

Mikuru doesn’t come with much. Just a pair of indoor shoes and 2 other face-plates.

The smiling one is really boring for me so I switched it out for the scared one since it fit Mikuru so much more.

Ah it’s Haruhi, no wonder Mikuru is running away~ Oh she tripped! >0<



Mikuru is an older Figma and thus you shouldn’t expect what you would from a current Figma. That being said however, she is a solid release and despite lacking accessories, the Figma conveys Mikuru across rather accurately. Unless you’re a Mikuru fan, I would recommend Haruhi over Mikuru but if you already have Haruhi, Mikuru is a really fun addition. =)

Mikuru beam~?


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