Review: Figurine 1/8 Suzumiya Haruhi School Uniform Ver. (Alter)

I have reviewed Alter Yuki, Alter Mikuru so now let’s take a look at Alter Haruhi!!

Haruhi comes in a larger box because of her outstretched pose.

A boring base there. Just plain white with a H emblazoned on. Yay..

The base is boring but the pose sure isn’t! It’s a really dynamic pose and certainly the most energetic figurine I have in my collection (which isn’t much =3) The whole figurine is supported on just 1 leg and despite it fitting firmly, I’m worried about it leaning in the future. There are plenty of clothing details despite it being a relatively simple figurine. =)

Even though Haruhi has such an awesome pose, her skin tone doesn’t really justify the action. She is REALLY pale, anaemic and dead. I would really like some varying skin tone but for some reason, she is just white all the way with tiny shading on the back of her knees. Boo~

Well any figurine worth its salt will have a face that doesn’t make you cringe when you see it. Haruhi has a pleasant “またね-mata ne” feel to it and coupled with the pointed hand, gives you the feeling she is rushing off somewhere. The eyes are really sparkling and coupled with the swinging hair, there’s a tremendous sense of motion going on. Still the pale skin tone really bothers me.

Haruhi’s hair is not just 1 piece of plastic there, check out the amount of different hair erm “strands” there!

To complement Haruhi’s hair, her skirt and bag have all been sculpted accordingly and boy does it look good. =D I can go on about how the crinkles and folds look so nice but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

A look from slightly above eye level.


This is an older figurine, released in 2008 Nov and thus can be slightly hard to find. I got mine awhile back 2nd hand for around 3200Yen+ and I’m pretty pleased with it. The pose is really nice and refreshing and the details though simple, are really well-executed. The bad points? Her terribly pale skin and the fact that the pose sort of limits how you can display her. I wouldn’t really recommend this Haruhi to others really because of her skin tone and despite it having such an energetic pose, the skin tone really ruins it for me. =( Still I love Haruhi and this completes my Alter Haruhi girls so YAY!




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