Review: Nendoroid Ikaros

my own little Nendoroid Angeloid from the sky, now down for a short review~

Ikaros hails from the anime/manga Sora no Otoshimono and appears right in episode 1. I wouldn’t give too much of a spoiler but she’s really strong~

Ikaros comes with an arm-stand, YAY! But the holding point attaches to her back…not so yay.. I encountered this kind of stands for Nendoroid Mikuru and it doesn’t hold her too firmly..let’s hope GSC improved on it since then.

That’s how the thing goes in, you remove the wings, then put the plastic piece in between before re-attaching the wings. So far so good..

Ikaros was a really sexy character in the anime and I wouldn’t think it would translate that well into a Nendoroid. But good job GSC! Ikaros looks inexplicably adorable and seriously, check out those ribbons at the back of her hair! Her wings also has a nice gradient to it and overall, a very pleasing first impression! It’s important to note that her current shoulder armour to her collar is 1 piece and there is absolutely nothing you can do with her arms when it’s on.

Ikaro’s hair has some cool gradient going on as well! It didn’t occur to me then but as I fiddled with her, it just hit me how limited her neck mobility is. Her braids block her head from tilting backwards and her collar stops it bending forward. Dang~

I did say a really pleasing FIRST impression didn’t I? As I looked closer, the white paint on mine is rather splotchy and uneven and some of the lines aren’t that straight.

Ikaros’ ear piece also has some terrible scuff marks. =(

Ikaros does come with some awesome accessories, other than the 2 expressions, she comes with chibi and battle mode wings, her Apollon system (bow and arrow), assorted arms, a collar and her watermelon!!

The futility of trying to pose Ikaros with the damn shoulderpads. You can’t do anything at all man…

I then switched out the shoulderpads for the single collar, and also her normal wings for the battle mode wings! Whee she’s flying now!! The wings are translucent with a hint of blue around the edges and they look really cool. Those are the good points. The bad point? The pegs that insert them into the body is either too short, or the wings are too heavy. Since the base revolves on Ikaros’ wings keeping her attached, the constant falling off of her wings is a terrible headache. This shot took me almost 5mins to get it done, since either her wings will fall off, her braids will fall off or her whole hip comes out when you’re fixing the other 2. =(

Still, you can’t deny the glory the Uranus Queen! Land poses are much easier to do since she is supported by her feet and the wings don’t come loose that often. Her Battle Mode looks real nifty and I dig those red eyes alot. Her Apollon System (bow and arrow) is also pretty nicely done and looks mean and spiky~

If you dislike having a Nendoroid stare down at you with blood-red eyes, you can switch out Ikaros for her chibi expression~ Check out that watermelon!!! With the chibi face, there are also chibi wings to go along with it, man that’s some real playability there!! =D               When you’re changing the faces however, her ear pieces do get in the way so you have to remove the pieces then put the face then put the ear pieces back on. It’s similar to how Nendoroid Miku is done. =3


I really really like Ikaros’ look and now that she is in Nendoroid form, she is suppperrr cute! She looks nice and distinctive especially with those wings of hers and despite the less than stellar paintjob, it wasn’t so bad and it’s something that I can live with. Ikaros also has a slew of accessories and you can switch around her wings for some randomness which really adds to her playability. The bad thing? Her damn stand. The attachment through her wings is seriously a pain and with her braids always getting in the way, it’s just too much trouble sometimes. If that doesn’t faze you, I would recommend Ikaros highly, she is just too adorable to pass up. =D

Giant pears, oranges and apples….no watermelon?


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  2. Hey, I really like this but I’m stupid :c could you reply a link to buy these??? I’d be very grateful 🙂 Thanks for any replies!


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