News: Back from Tokyo!!

back from Tokyo and I have a staggering amount of stuff to review!! =0 It was a fantastic trip with all the shrines, loot-hunting, scenery, cute Japanese girls and also Comiket! This was pretty what I got near the end of the trip only with my Ritsu, Sakuya Izayoi, Flandre Scarlet Nendoroids and Culture Set A&B not making this pic. Thanks to all who commented and stayed by my blog during this long hiatus and I will get the reviews up and running as soon as I can!!

For those interested to hunt down whatever for your upcoming Tokyo trip or just any questions on what are the prices for stuff over there, just lemme know and I will try my best to answer!! Oh yes and not forgetting a Happy New Year!! あけましておめでとう!!


5 thoughts on “News: Back from Tokyo!!


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