Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Ruder Kuuga Rising Mighty

I always liked Kuuga’s look and when I had the chance to grab his Rising Mighty form, I went straight ahead without a doubt! Here’s a short review of him!

Rising Mighty is a Tamashii Webshop exclusive therefore it’s a little hard to find and it costs a pretty penny brand new. I got mine off Mandarake in Akihabara, Tokyo for 2200 Yen 2nd-hand which explains the frayed edges of the box.

The main differences between Kuuga Rising Mighty and Kuuga Mighty form would be the gold trims around the armour and the Mighty Anklet on his right leg. I don’t have Kuuga Mighty so I can’t really compare here. Anyways Rising Mighty has a glorious metallic cherry red for his chest and that just really sold it for me. His belt is pretty detailed and has a clear centre. The proportions seems slightly off if you stare at him straight but since he won’t be displayed like this, it’s not really that much an issue.

Since mine is 2nd hand, there are some scuff marks on Kuuga’s die-cast feet and it’s REALLY loose, I got no idea how the previous played with the feet till they are so loose….but at least it can still stand so I’m thankful for that.

In case you didn’t notice it before, there is some obvious paint fade on Kuuga’s gauntlets. It’s horrible and really ugly on his right arm. =( Mine doesn’t seem to be an isolated issue as I googled it and turns out others have the same issues. A terrible manufacturing defect. =( I would spray clear red over that as soon as I can, it looks really ridiculous right now especially when it’s compared against his brilliant chest.

This Kuuga form being a melee fighter, he only comes with different hands. Not a bummer for me as its similar to Kuuga Ultimate.

He looks really good when you pose him. Or maybe I’m just biased.=3

Kuu-Punch! Man that faded arm is really disconcerting. =(






I love this SHF. The red is gorgeous, it can pose really well and his aesthetics are pleasing. It’s a really simple release and its up to your imagination to make it work for you. That being said, it’s still a limited release and thus, prices tend to be high and with the paint-fade affecting this release…it’s not that attractive a prospect. =( Get the normal Mighty for the same deal, just lesser paint applications and mighty Anklet on his right leg to save some cash and possible heart-breaks. Still I really dig my Rising Mighty and if you can get yours off Mandarake at a decent price, it’s worth considering.

thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! =D


2 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Ruder Kuuga Rising Mighty

  1. So he’s a full die cast? I didnt know that owo);;

    I might try limes outside of MF and GSC after i saved up and bought a new cam owo)/


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