Review: Suzumiya Haruhi “超勇者” version (Brave Version)

Never really thought I will be doing a review of this version of Haruhi considering that it was always being sold above what I was willing to pay for it. However Nakano Mandarake intervened and I got her for around 2300Yen so here she is! My Haruhi Figma collection is now complete!!

Haruhi is SP-001 and in a way the 1st Figma. So that’s an awesome milestone by itself. Haruhi 超勇者 comes in a box bundled with the PS2 game but I got her without the game. When you remove her from the box, she has 2 blisters, figure on top, stand, weapon and hands below. I really like the picture of a happy Haruhi staring you up while grasping the PS2 controller. ADORABLE!

Haruhi comes with a really funky costume. Some sort of corset for her top, a billowing skirt and long chunky platform boots. To retain her Haruhi-ness, her armband is retained, with the 超勇者 this time. She has 2 giant flowing ends of the ribbon at her back and that looks real interesting. =3

From the side her boots look kinda ridiculous….The wrist joint also stands out if you don’t push it all the way in.

Her sleeves are puffy rubbery similar to Saber’s ones. The armband’s words as I mentioned read 超勇者 and her costume is pretty clean with no paint bleeding on mine except for her sleeves. Cheers!

I love me ribbons and Haruhi has 2 on her boots! Even though I said the boots look kinda strange, I still like how it looks except that for this, her ankle pose-ability is kinda compromised.

Her giant ends of her ribbon are moveable and it’s on ball joints. This is easily my favourite part of this Haruhi. The flowing pattern adds so much dynamism to Haruhi’s poses!

Haruhi comes with an extra face-plate (both plates are the same as the first Haruhi Figma), hand rack, Figma stand and her lance, rapier weapon.

With a red scarf, I can’t help but be reminded of Ichigo. Henshin!

Haruhi can also pull off the silent Ninja crossed arm ‘I’m emo-ing on a rooftop” pose.

Haruhi summons her weapon!

*the lightning does NOT come with Haruhi*

I didn’t play the game so I got no idea what her weapon does or what it’s called. Still it looks pretty funky~

Goddess Haruhi descends~ I switched out the smiling face for the other one for this picture.

comparison with the winter uniform Haruhi. I still like the winter uniform one the most~ =3


I had plenty of fun snapping and posing this iteration of Haruhi. Her costume is interesting and it’s pretty well done despite being an old Figma. The giant ribbon ends add plenty to your poses and with a weapon, Haruhi looks pretty awesome. However she is rather hard to find and usually at a premium price. I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone unless they really love Haruhi and NEED their Figma Haruhis. If you want just 1, go for the winter uniform version for the definitive Haruhi, this one is just an add-on.

you’re a king? That’s cool, wanna join the S.O.S Dan?



7 thoughts on “Review: Suzumiya Haruhi “超勇者” version (Brave Version)

      • It would be more expensive to ship them if I will only buy one by one, shipping would be cheaper if I bought like 5 of them all at once in 1 shipping. 😀 Hope I get promoted soon at work =3

  1. Personally, I find this version of Haruhi adorable, from her cheery expression to her outfit (befitting an RPG character).

    Also, “Haruhi-ness”, good one. =D

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