Review: Figurine 1/8 Miku Append (Max Factory)

I have reviewed the Figma Miku Append and she was pretty well-made. Now let’s take a look at the figurine of Miku Append by Max Factory!

Miku Append has a really nice box, matt black with silver lined words. feels and looks classy~

I normally don’t show the side of boxes but Miku Append has some nice details on her sides. Due to me not having a proper lightbox, the pictures didn’t turn out right but if you can see it for yourself, it’s real pretty~

Miku straight out of the box isn’t connected to her base and her 2 twintails are also separately packed. So I assembled everything and here she is!

Miku Append is really slim and with her small base and twintails raising up, it really gives the illusion of her floating. Which is pretty nice.

This is the expression which turned many people off this Miku figurine. Some didn’t dig it and felt it was sort of odd, I personally like it and that was my favourite face-plate on Figma Miku Append. However for this figurine, the face looks rather off..? I kept comparing my Miku to the boxart and felt mine was missing something. The boxart gives a tender, sensual feeling but when I look at mine, the face just looks really boyish..maybe it’s the photography?

There are plenty of nice details on this figurine but if you already have the Figma, there wouldn’t be that many surprises here. It’s just a step-up in size from the already detailed Figma.

What is different from the Figma is that Miku has painted nails! Also her base is simple but efficient. However since it’s not that wide and Miku’s weight is spread along the whole figurine, it is bound to shake and maybe topple if force is applied.

The 2 speaker/light things can rotate and flip up and down.

I personally think that this figurine is one that you can’t display from the front. Instead the beauty of it is from her sides. You can appreciate the curve of her body and the floating hair from the sides better than a full-frontal glance methinks.

Figma AND Figurine~ =3


Personally, I’m rather underwhelmed by this release. I already have the Figma and this figurine is just a step-up from a very good Figma so there really weren’t any surprises for me. I can’t get over the boyish feeling the face gives me and considering its price tag of 7429 Yen, it faces a hard fight against her half-priced Figma iteration. Skip this figurine and get the Figma would be my recommendation. However if you’re only into figurines, Miku Append is rather gorgeous, but not enough to justify the price-tag for me. =3


6 thoughts on “Review: Figurine 1/8 Miku Append (Max Factory)

  1. She kinda looks more mature in that face? I think.. 😀 Why don’t you make a light box? It’s really useful! 😀 I made one myself out of recycled boxes and card boards and it turned out pretty well. =3

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  3. I’m thinking about buying either this or the figma. I know with the figma it can pull off different poses, but then again this Miku is about a foot tall which may be a bit tall, but i won’t really be playing with it


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