News: Milky Holmes!!

I always thought that the character designs of the Milky Holmes girls were especially adorable and with their 2nd season coming out today, it seems like a really good time to post about them. =3

Milky Holmes is a franchise owned by Bushiroad, the TCG company responsible for draining millions of wallets through their Weiss Schwarz and Cardfight Vanguard TCGs. =3  My first contact of Milky Holmes came through the Sharo (Sherlock Shellingford) Nendoroid and boy was I smitten. =3 Since then I went on to watch the anime that made me like the characters even more. Thankfully the TCG didn’t appeal that much to me so at least I saved my cash from that. =3

I saw Milky Holmes live at AFA 11 (Anime Fest Asia) late last year and even though I was really happy to see them, the rest of the Singaporeans didn’t seem to have much of clue. Ah well~ Then I went to Tokyo and boy they are popular. There are signboards of them in train stations, posters in trains and in Akihabara, there is this giant monitor showcasing their Budokan live in May. =O

Since I was in Tokyo, I just grabbed a few of their CDs since you can hardly find their stuff anywhere and as expected their songs are kinda cutesy but it does grow on you~

Well who are Milky Holmes? They are a quartet, each being the original Seiyuu for their character in the anime. Other than voice-acting, they also sing and are something like idols I suppose? More information over here at Wikipedia!  They also have a PSP game which I can’t seem to find now, doh~

Their first opening and it’s really addictive~

With the Seiyuus! Mimori Suzuki (Sharo) is SOOOO cute!

To coincide with their 2nd season, look forward to both Sharo’s and Elly’s reviews tomorrow!!



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