Review: Figma Akemi Homura

Enter Homu Homu! When I collected her from the shop, I was around town so I snapped some gorgeous night lights with THE hardcore Mahou Shoujo. =D Ah well let’s move on with the review~

The Nendoroid I got of Homura was pretty disappointing for me and the Figma comes with the EXACT accessories the Nendoroid did, with the addition of a golf club. Hopefully the articulation of the Figma should smooth over any posing nightmares~

Homu-Homu has the most understated costumes amongst the Madoka cast and the Figma replicates that. I’m not sure whether because because of the larger scale, but her costume looks more pleasing here than on the Nendoroid. The purple and white is really soothing~ Anyways interestingly enough, there are joints for her hair pieces on the back of her head. So problems with the stand sticking in is non-existent! YAY! But I have to admit it looks kinda strange.

The triangles on her stockings are printed on and not sculpted so they are liable to be scratched methinks if you’re too rough with Homu-Homu. =3

Check out Homu-Homu’s pokerface! That’s some intense dead expression there. Anyways my costume had no paint bleeds on her main body and just some slight ones on her sleeves so it isn’t too bad. =)

Homura comes with 2 extra faces, hands rack, pipe bomb, revolver, golf club, bazooka, hair and specs combo, stand and her shield.

Just pluck her lower left arm and switch it over for the shield hand and there you go~ Personally I love the pose for the right picture. I think it really reflects Homura’s tireless crusade for her beliefs is a long and lonely road. Poor Homu-Homu~

Let’s get on with the action~

Homura STOPS time.

Time *freezes*

*throws the pipebomb*

I can’t seem to find a proper hand to grasp the pipebomb and it just sits there wobbling on the most appropriate one I found. =(

Oh, that’s why she stopped time.

Kyubey – ………….

Homura – Die white mouse!

Those guns and effect parts were borrowed from the Makina Figma and they look equally good on Homura as well~ I also switched out her expression for he open-mouth one.

Homura – Time for my big cannon!

Ok the bazooka is marginally better than the Nendoroid version. The Nendoroid had pegs on her hands for the Bazooka, the Figma has none. It’s instead balanced on her shoulders and held by her hands. Since Figmas have floppy wrists, this isn’t the best arrangement and the Bazooka is highly prone to shifting and even dropping off when you’re moving Homura. Credits to Maxfactory though, setting up the Bazooka is less excruciating than GSC’s Nendoroid.

Kyubey – I kinda hate time magic…

Homura – I love me explosions~

Homura – Madoka! Hey remember me?

Homura – How about now?

Homura – Now you gotta remember right?

Her two ends for her hair can’t rotate unlike the Nendoroid. It’s better for me because it means it can’t fall off!

Homura – Gasp! No wonder you aren’t speaking!

Kyubey- Hee hee hee. You thought you had me now didn’t you. Hee hee

Homura – Take that!

Kyubey – Hee hee she missed me. Kill off 1 Kyubey, 2 more shall take it’s place! Hail Kyubey!

Kyubey – Oh….*gunshot*

Figma Homura – Thanks for that chibi Homura.

Nendoroid Homura – You’re welcome, it’s what Homuras do.


From the amount of photos I taken, you can pretty much tell how much fun I had with this Figma. I really enjoyed fiddling and shooting Homura with the dumb storyline and her accessories really helped with it all. She looks pretty nice and her face-plates are accurate to her character. The Bazooka although sucky, isn’t that bad and if you already have Madoka, then you gotta have her!

thanks for reading and man that was a pretty long post~






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