Review: Nendoroid Hercule Barton

The 2nd Milky Holmes girl to get the Nendoroid treatment, enter Hercule Barton! She descends from Hercule Poirot. Hercule is pronounced as Erukyu-ru which is a mouthful so let’s just skip that and call her Elly instead! =D

Elly has a green box with some nice checked patterns compared to Sharo’s pink. =)

I always thought Elly has black hair but for the Nendoroid she has a purple tint to her hair. I’m not complaining though, since it looks really nice. =) The top of her head seems rather flat and it looks kinda strange without her hat on.

You can see Elly’s hairclips on the side of her heads. And also the clasps for her boots. Small details that are highly appreciated. =)

Predictably, her shoulder/chest cloak thing is also made of rubber, similar to Sharo’s one. However Elly’s one is removable so if you ever get tired of it, just display her without the cloak. Elly will look rather plain though~

Elly doesn’t seem to come with much but when you realize she comes with an entire body, the playability is increased so much!

This pose is lifted straight off the anime so if you didn’t catch it, the significance will be lost on you. As Elly is really shy, asking her to do poses like this is really hard for her that’s why she is crying for this. Awww~

She can also kowtow. Same body, many different uses. =3

You can also switch out her bent legs for her straight legs. Now it looks like she got punched in the tummy too hard. =(

the ghost of Hercule Poirot!!

Noooo..go away!! – Elly

*possesses Elly*

erm herm. Hercule Poirot here. =|

In the anime, Hercule Poirot possesed Elly and this is the form she took. It’s ridiculous but it is fun. I wouldn’t display her like this but it’s a really amusing add-on. I do wish the moustache on the face-plate is detachable but it’s glued on. Ah well. =3

Elly’s toy gives her superhuman strength so you wouldn’t want to make her angry. Well, since you wouldn’t like her if she was angry~ Being green and all.

*wham* Boulder cracks.



Similar to Sharo, the Nendoroid’s accessories are really intertwined with the anime’s happenings, especially so in Elly’s case. She is still a nice Nendoroid but cuteness speaking, I would say Sharo is that much cuter. If you have Sharo, it would make sense to get Elly. If not I would recommend Sharo first before Elly. However if you really dig Elly or her look, feel free to get her, she is really fun by herself as well~

Sssshaaaaaarrrrooooooooo000…… –  Hercule Poirot

eh? – Sharo


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