Review: Nendoroid Sherlock Shellingford

Sherlock Shellingford (Sharo) is the descendant of the famous Sherlock Holmes and my favourite Milky Holmes girl! Check out that rockin’ costume! Pink, frilly and all-round saccharine goodness!

There are 2 versions of the Nendoroid Sharo. One came with the PSP game thus being limited, and the mass-release one which I got. Mikatan compared the 2 and I personally prefer the mass-release one more. It’s bigger and rounder compared to the game version. =D

Sharo comes with the arm-type stand and that allows them so action poses I suppose? Although all the girls seem to do is eat, eat and drop into ponds~ =3

Sharo is seriously totally adorable. Nendoroids are supposed to be cute but Sharo brings it a whole new level. First is how PINK she is, second is that ridiculous large bow and thirdly check out those onion rings hair. After watching a season of Milky Holmes, I still have no idea how Sharo tie those it even physically possible? Sharo is also wearing boots with a skirt and I have a terrible weakness for girls in boots~

From the side you can see how the peg goes into Sharo’s back. It’s slightly troublesome and takes some fiddling to get the right angle.

So far everything is nice but let’s go with a glaring negative. The shoulder cloth erm mini-cloak thing is made of rubber (The piece with the ribbon) and it’s already sticky when I removed Sharo. That thing will definitely be a dust magnet in time to come and since the peg keeps rubbing against the back of that rubber piece, the white line is slowly but surely getting erased off. The arms are also seriously difficult to poke in and it really restricts the movement upwards by a lot. =(

Other than that, the rest is nice and sweet. The lines on Sharo are clean and simple and buttons have no paint bleed. =)

Sharo doesn’t come with much, just 2 face-plates, an assortment of hands and arms, her hat, magnifying glass and KAMABOKO! Their cat.

Check out how much the arm can raise before the rubber collar thingy blocks it. It’s possible to raise it higher but you would need to fiddle with it and take some effort to make it stay.

Her hat is so pretty and like the green jewel on her chest, it’s also a clear green plastic here! Her hat is heavy and when you put it on her head, it will seriously cause some weight issues. Maybe that’s what the arm-type stand is for? The hat fits on snugly on Sharo’s head but be careful when you’re moving her or changing her hands, it will fall off since it’s only held in by gravity.

With magnifying glass in hand, master detective Sharo goes on the prowl for cases to solve~

A strange cat!


Kamaboko has a rotating neck joint and that’s it for his articulation.

You can also plug Kamaboko on to Sharo’s hat since he has a peg below. If you do so, take into consideration the increased weight and make sure Sharo is plugged in firmly to her stand. It would be painful to see your Sharo face-plant…

My absolute favourite Sharo expression. Nendoroids are especially cute to me when they do sly or angry faces and Sharo’s one is epic.

Baritsu! If you didn’t watch the anime, you wouldn’t get it but I did and the fact that GSC re-created it in Nendoroid form is really really cool. If you want to go straight to this scene, it’s in Episode 7. =D

Using her toy(power) of Telekinesis, Sharo lifts the heavy crates and tosses them at you!


I really liked Sharo as a Nendoroid, the costume really appeals to me and there’s a very close link with the Nendoroid to the anime series. If you didn’t watch the anime, you can still enjoy the Nendoroid because she is just simply adorable but it wouldn’t be a complete experience. The only knock I have against it would be the rubber chest/shoulder piece which is sticky and hinders the arm’s movements. Overall Sharo is really really cute and a good introduction for plenty of Nendoroid lovers into the Milky Holmes franchise.



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