Review: Nendoroid School Festival Set A+B

I always wanted a Nendoroid playset but they were always so hard to find in a set. Luckily in Tokyo I managed to snag the school festival set so let’s see how playable is a playset!

The playset is made by Phat! company instead of GSC and this will be the first time I’m getting their product.

The boxes feel rather solid and heavy and I found out why when I took them out. That’s because of all the boards taped behind the accessories which will make up the classroom.

Once you are done assembling it, you get this! Looks pretty nifty and spacious eh. Sorry I don’t have how it looks like out of the box because I assembled it before I took any pictures. =(

The accessories that come with set A. Not much, just a guitar with its case, a saxophone, an amplifier and a piano with its bench. The piano is probably the highlight and the cover for the keys can open and close. Pretty interesting. =3 Little Nendoroid hands are also provided to hold on to the stuff in case your Nendoroid can’t.

I like set B’s stuff more. It just seems more ‘Cultural’ to me. It has all sorts of small instruments which are a pain to keep, the lovely lanterns, a Taiko (drum) and a music scoreholder.

When you place everything inside, it seems to really fill out the space. Hmm but how big is it?

Well when you can easily place 5 Nendoroids inside, you know it’s a pretty decent space for you to horse around. =3

Other than the space, there are fun details like the clear windows and the sliding doors. That really gives it a realistic feel. =D

Mugi can play the piano~

The Taiko is pretty impressive. The paint applications are nice and there is actually a small metal ring on it’s sides to mimic a real ring. They could have moulded that on instead of putting a metal ring so that’s appreciated.

You can stow the guitar inside the case for realism.

The playset is also large enough for standard Figmas! Not that appropriate, but it still works.


I always wanted a classroom playset for my Nendoroids and also for photography shoots since where can you find a Nendoroid scaled classroom right? Visually there is that huge seamline in the middle when both sets meet but it’s something that can’t be helped and other than that, it looks really nice. The accessories are really musical in nature and since it’s a cultural set, why not give a Takoyaki stand or a Yakisoba table? I mean they have that all the time in anime cultural events no? =3 The set does it does well and seriously, it’s up to your imagination to make it work. I think it’s pretty hard to find now and it’s expensive even if you do so it’s really up to you how much you really want it. It’s a not a must-have but a good to have in my opinion.

clear windows mean you can have all sorts of backgrounds!



5 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid School Festival Set A+B

  1. i wanted this one… but i dunno, i preordered the nendoroid wagnaria A+B set from working!! instead. Maybe it’s because i’m a real life chef, or simply because i enjoy feeling at home XD my diner’s kitchen

  2. Wow! I have never seen these play sets before in my country, I hope I can find one too! I love this! I’m gonna save up money to start buying some Nendoroids and a playset too! 🙂


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