Review: S.H.Figuarts Gokai Yellow

With Gokai Red, Blue and Green announced and released, it was only a matter of time before Yellow got the SHF treatment. And yes she did! But as a Tamashii Webshop Exclusive…so that means a high price-tag…=( Ah well let’s take a look at her!

Yellow, or Luka comes in a thicker box than her fellow Gokai brethren. Not because she has more stuff, but because her Darin is packed together in the box instead of it being outside. Hmm I can imagine her prices skyrocketing after awhile because of this…Anyways, depressingly enough, Luka doesn’t have the shiny metallic finish on her boxes unlike the previous 3. I have no idea why and the plain yellow just looks cheap. It’s a Tamashii web release for goodness sake!! =(

With the box being sad, Gokai Yellow doesn’t come in a very appealing yellow as well. Her head is really plasticky, and her body has a really strange sheen to the yellow. For some reason however, her gold seems more outstanding than the rest of the Gokaigers..maybe it’s her yellow? Anyways, Luka’s skirt is made of rubber and you can see the colour clashes with the rest of her body. Ah well.

From the sides you can sort of glimpse the strange sheen I was mentioning before.

For a limited release, Luka comes with quite a variety of stuff. Other than the normal stuff like the Gokai Cellular, Gun and Saber, she also comes with skirt parts and a jointed saber and not forgetting the ridiculous assortment of hands. =3

A closer look at Gokai Yellow. Nothing too different from the rest of the Gokaigers there.

Gokai Change!

The default skirt doesn’t hinder her mobility that much but for a 90 degree lift, you have to change to the parted skirt.

The parted skirt looks strange from certain angles but it’s necessary for Luka to pull off certain poses.

Like this!

Hakase! *throws the blaster*

Luka! *throws the Saber*


The connected blades look really cool but with any long weapon, it’s unwieldy. Still awesome though.

If you get tired of the double blade, Luka also has another saber which you can mess around with. In the show, Luka wields this like a yoyo, swinging in around in large arcs and decimating hordes of Goumin. For the SHF, Bandai decided to provide you with a short bendy wire attached to the saber so you know what, other than looking crappy and needing a stand to support it, I can’t really see what else you can do with it. It could be a really awesome gimmick but Bandai went halfway and just left it there, so Luka is left with some wonky looking weapon. =(

Ah the Darin…after Blue and Yellow’s one, I sort of became de-sensitized to this freebie already. =3 It’s the exact same Darin from Blue and Green except for the colour.

I thought Gokai Yellow was pretty plasticky already but amazingly enough, the Darin tops her in looking even more plastic. Ah well, let’s not complain about freebies.

I can see Ahim on the way~


First off I would like to mention that my favourite Gokaiger is yellow. So getting Red, Blue and Green were just appetizers for my main girl. Does Yellow disappoint? Not that much, considering I had 3 other Gokaigers to prep me for what she would be like. The yellow used on her seems rather cheap but she does have cool blades to make up for it. I don’t really see anyone collecting her unless they are a Gokaiger completist (check), or a Luka fan (check). Add to the fact that she is a Tamashii web shop limited and the chances of getting her is even slimmer. I am glad I got her but not really happy at the price I had to pay to make that happen. So if you want Gokai Yellow, it’s gonna cost you!

Ahim is supposedly coming this month!! Then I will have the full gang! (Almost…)


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