Review: Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

Ritsu is the most elusive K-On! Nendoroid and even though she was re-released a few months back, for some reason her prices were still really inflated. I managed to snag her for 4000Yen in Tokyo so finally, my Houkago Tea Time is complete!!! =D

Similar to the rest of the K-On! girls, Ritsu comes with cat ears for her stand.

Ritsu is my least favourite out of the 5 but as a Nendoroid, you can’t deny that she is cute!

Ritsu has an unbuttoned jacket and that’s different from the K-On gang. The gold buttons on mine has no spillage and everything looks really neat.

Ritsu comes with 2 arms, another fringe, straight arms, head bump, her drum set and 2 other face-plates.

Alright everyone, let’s go for our light music club outing! – Ritsu

I hoped you sent the forms before the deadline – Mio

Ah well Mio, don’t worry about that, it’s all fine! 大丈夫! –  Ritsu

Ritchan~ Ritchan, Nodoka gave this to me during class – Yui

Eh? Yui, what’s that? – Ritsu

*Due to late submission, I am sorry to inform you that your trip will NOT be approved. Please try again next year.* – Sakura High Student Committee.

Ritsu…is that what I think it is…? – Mio

Eh wait Mioooo, waait! – Ritsu

*smash* …..always the same… – Mio

Mmmiioooooooo.…… – Ritsu

It’s cool that her swollen bump attaches through a magnet, thus eliminating any random peg or holes. The bad thing is that it only attaches on her left side, so you can’t have it on anyone else unless you sticky-tack it to their head.

Nothing much to mention about the drum-set except the cymbals can swing around. It’s small, compact and goes well with a Nendoroid.

Ritsu comes with a lower body that is already attached to a chair. So just switch the lower bodies and Ritsu is all ready to play some drums! The good thing about this arrangement is that it eliminates the need for a base. The bad thing is that Ritsu’s balance is rather compromised in this position. Since her head is heavy and the feet for her chair are tiny, she tends to toppled over if you push her in the wrong direction. =(


I have all of Ritsu’s K-On! bandmates in both Nendoroid and Figma form so it was already a foregone conclusion I would be getting my grubby mitts on her. What stopped me before were her prices and when I went to Tokyo, she was high on my to-buy list. So should anyone get her? Well if you’re just getting her alone, it would seem strange as drummers are rarely solitary and her playability gets increased exponentially with the rest of the girls. If you have any K-On Nendoroids, I would recommend Ritsu highly since she combos with others so well and you also get a drum-set to boot!





3 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

  1. The whole gang + nendo classroom playset A and B = the circle is now complete. Ahahaha!*

    *to the tones of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi

    personally, Ritsu with the hair down looks cuter. :3


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