Touhou Project: Girls from the Scarlet Devil Mansion

I am immensely busy these few days with either school, social meet-ups, work and assignments so won’t be posting reviews these past few days.

In return though I will be linking some Touhou Project theme songs of my favourite girls from the Scarlet Devil Mansion!

First up is awesome time controlling head maid Sakuya!

Then the most adorable librarian ever, Patchouli!

Following is Remilia, the mistress of the mansion!

And the very cute and sweet Flandre! Don’t mess with Flan-chan though..

I will try to be back with a review as soon as I can but in the meanwhile, let the girls from the mansion fill up your mind~ =3


5 thoughts on “Touhou Project: Girls from the Scarlet Devil Mansion

  1. All I can say is, all these are my favourite BGM from Touhou EoSD game.
    Also, Touhou figures are a major pain to the budget. orz
    (then again, I already have figma Aya, Marisa and Sakuya with one mameshiki Cirno, now aiming for a mameshiki Remilia).

    • hahaha I know missed her out but I really don’t liker her character design so I *ooops* skipped her… =3 I gotta agree, the Scarlet sisters have some really haunting themes. I love it so much!! =3


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