Review: 1/8 Figurine Al-Azif (Max Factory)

I already have an Al-Azif Nendoroid and I really like her design and look so when I chanced upon her Max Factory iteration at a ridiculously low price of 1600Yen in Nakano Mandarake, I swept her into my arms~

Nothing too fantastic about the box, it’s pretty old and battered and really wide to accommodate the figurine and her backdrop.

The front and back views of Al-chan. This was a 2006 release by Maxfactory and now being 2012, is a whooping 6 years back. As I’m used to recent stuff, you can see the difference in quality and workmanship between older stuff and newer figurines. Still I really dig this Al-Azif. She is standing in a coy manner with a breeze blowing from the side, lifting all her ribbons and her skirt ever so slightly. =3 I don’t get the the wall thing though,why give her a wall when it’s clear right? Hmmm…and her base is a solid black piece which takes up a tremendous amount of space.

This figurine was sculpted to be resting against the wall and that’s pretty innovative in my opinion. You also notice that on her right side, there isn’t that floating headphone thing. Well it came broken so there is not way I can attach it thus the low price in Mandarake. Still nothing that really puts me off the figurine.

As with all figurines, the face is paramount. Al-Azif’s face has a rather solemn/vacant stare and it’s looking towards her right. The printing for her eyes is slightly wonky and I’m not sure if that’s from her age, or it’s just like that. Still overall I like how it was done and pleasant enough.

Despite her one-side glance, you can actually rotate her around and snap various angles. She still looks interesting and every angle presents a different feeling, nice!!

But seriously , the reason I’m such a big fan of Al-Azif is because of her ribbons! I love her character design and those damn ribbons!! Check out how it curls around her hair and her wrists, lovely red ribbons~

Other than her ribbons, note how her palms are sculpted to reflect how she is leaning against the wall. Also, her distinctive green pantsu~

I forgot to mention that for her dress, it’s predominantly white but there is some slight shading done on it to give the dress some definition.


I have wanted this Al-Azif for quite some time since I saw her online some time back. However being an older figurine, it’s nigh impossible to get her outside of Japan unless some one was letting theirs go. So I was lucky enough to grab her and at such an awesome discounted rate. The figurine is really nice and despite it being rather simple in concept, there is enough to really make it pop and as I keep looking at it, Al-Chan is beginning to seriously grow on me. =3 I still don’t get the invisible wall though…but since I didn’t play the game, it might be related somewhere. Her black base is also rather cumbersome and ugly. Still that doesn’t detract from the splendid figure it self so if you want to get her, your best bet is probably Mandarake or MyFigureCollection.

gosh she is gorgeous for outdoor photography!


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