My collection

Today let’s take a look at my display units. Since I have so much stuff, there gotta be somewhere I display them right?

From left to right. My Gunpla shelf, my Nendo shelf and my etc. shelf.

First shelf goes to Char. The Red Comet! It’s sad he always gets owned by Amuro but still, he is CHAR! 赤い彗星シャー!

of course with Char there has to be Amuro and he is right below Char’s shelf. =3

Then comes the suits from Zeta. I still have a MG Hyaku Shiki waiting to be fixed when I have the time. =3

Then G Gundam mainly populates this corner with the exception of the lone Zeong.

This is mainly where I toss my etc HGs and remaining MGs. You can spy a MG Kampfer and Alex at the back there.

That’s pretty much my Gunpla collection and I really stopped collecting them due to time and space constraints. I still have a MG Hyaku Shiki (gold plated ver.), MG GP02A, MG Guncannon and MG F91 in my backlog which I either don’t have the time or the feel to complete. Not to mention 2 MG Exias still waiting to be spray-painted…=O

My S.H.Figuarts takes up 2 shelves. First up is the Sentai shelf with all the variations of Kuuga at the back.

Then the other shelf is devoted to mainly Showa riders.

My figurines only take up 1 shelf and not all are displayed since they really take up a lot of space. =(


Next is my K-On shrine! All my K-On stuff are proudly on display here. It took me so long to consolidate all of them and now I have all I want. No more K-On goodies to tempt me anymore!! I feel complete!

Next is my Figma/Nendoroid shelf. I have way too many Nendoroids so I have to keep most of my Figmas back into their boxes for the chibi lovelies.

This is the pride and joy of my collection! My lovely Nendoroid collection!! You will notice that I have not done reviews for some of them but don’t worry, it will be done eventually. =3

Before I went crazy for Gunpla and Nendoroids, I was really into One Piece box figures. I stopped because Bandai just wouldn’t stop releasing them (duh!) and I am seriously running out of space. I still love One Piece though and will slowly but surely get more figurines that I really like. Robin ftw!

That’s all for my displayed collection and would love to see how you guys manage your collection. =D




11 thoughts on “My collection

  1. That’s, quite a number of collections there. And looks like you’re one of Char’s biggest fan, with all the red MS. =D

    And those glass cabinets are very handy you have that many…

    • hahha yes Char is really cool. 3x faster when it is red. =D
      And if you are interested in the cabinets, you can get it from Ikea, it’s called the Detolf. For big stuff like transformers, figurines or RAHs it’s not that ideal due to it’s small space. But if you want to store Nendoroids, Figmas.etc, it’s rather ideal. =)

  2. God! Great collection!!! When you get all of them nendoroids together, I feel like I can melt already! “They’re s cute, I’m gonna die!”

    I’m interested with the cabinets too! How much does one cabinet cost? I’ll tkae note of that Detolf. 😀 Thanks for the information! 🙂

  3. Yo akashingou!

    Where do you usually buy your figma from, other than via online methods? Is there any Singapore stores that you usually frequent?

    Anyway, bookmarking this site for future visits~

    • Hey I usually pre-order them from either KKNM, or ToynToys. If I am buying them without preorders, local forums like Hardwarezone or SgCafe has some good bargains sometimes. If not I will head over to China Square Central to scour for bargains. Hope it helps!

      • Thanks dude!

        I also regularly check the merchandise board of SgCafe for good deals, but it mostly “unpredictable” haha.

        Nowadays KKnM mostly only deal with preorders, so it kind of stinks when I want to browse for in-store goods. But I like ToynToys too; offer really fair prices for first-hand stuff.

        Oh, I recently bought some older figma in-stock items from Kurocha ( and Hobby Frontier ( A few of their stuff are surprisingly cheap (S$40 and below). Worth checking if you haven’t.

      • hmmm well that really aren’t any older Figmas that I want except for Lum and everywhere I go she is pretty pricey. =( Will take a look at Kurocha and Hobby Frontier though. Thanks alot!! =D


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