Review: Figma Nagato Yuki

I have Figmas of Haruhi and Mikuru and all I was lacking was Nagato. Finally after a long time, I got myself to find and buy her so now here she is!!

I mentioned in an earlier review that Haruhi was in some way the 1st Figma. Well Nagato is the number 001 in the non SP line of Figmas. Now we have over 100 Figmas and boy does Nagato feel old… =3

Nothing too spectacular about Nagato here. I like that she has her brown jacket over the uniform as I have enough of that uniform in my collection. Personally I feel that Nagato looks rather boyish and her proportions aren’t that feminine. Hmmm…

Her hair sculpt is nice though, giving her hair style some definition.

Nagato is by nature expressionless. And yes the Figma doesn’t seem to have any expression…

Her jacket is made of some rubbery material similar to her skirt so no issues with poseability there.


Nagato comes with another face-plate, fringe with glasses, indoor shoes, 2 books (1 open and 1 closed), a chair (which you have to assemble), hands rack and the Figma stand.

I looked through the hands provided and I don’t think she comes with any hands that can hold the books securely so a lot of it is just balancing. Not that good but for the 1st Figma, it could be worse I suppose.

If you prefer megane-ko Yuki, you can also switch out the fringe part for her glasses. =)

Figmas nowadays would probably provide an alternate lower body to have a more realistic sitting posture but back then, it’s mainly touch and go. I really tried but still couldn’t replicate the effect of the box and this was the best I could do.

Yuki is a 文学少女。


Yuki is Figma 001 and obviously when it comes to comparisons with current Figmas, she seems to fall slightly flat. I got her because I wanted to complete my collection of the Haruhi girls and she was the missing piece. Alright let’s put it this way, if this was my 1st Figma, I would be rather impressed with the line but considering that I have so many now, Nagato doesn’t really stand out for me. Still I really like the character and I think the Figma did a fair job of replicating her. Should you get it? Not really..considering there are better Figmas out there. However if you’re S.O.S 団 star-struck, Nagato is truly worth consideration.

I’m left all alone…..


7 thoughts on “Review: Figma Nagato Yuki

  1. Eventhought she’s the first figma (non-SP wise), the fact that she could sit properly is a big plus.

    Somehow, her face is uncannily similar to Rei from Evangelion…

  2. I love this figma she was my first one after all. I do have several memories from when I first opened it, like breaking a hand peg while trying to take it out from the hand rack. Making me denounce them forever. Also being perplexed as two why two of the same face where included, only to realize the small difference. Ah… the reminiscing…

    Still one thing I love about this Yuki over newer figmas is how sturdy and durable she feels.

    • Ah I totally get what you’re trying to say. Until now my Haruhi Winter Uniform version is still one of my favourites, being my 1st Figma and all. I guess Max Factory made them to last considering it was a new line then? Now that it’s so popular they don’t go into durability so much? =3 Hmmm

  3. I didn’t know Haruhi series Figma were the 1st Figmas to come out, that’s new knowledge for me, I’m still trying to learn more about Figmas and Nendoroids and their corresponding anime, even started to watch Haruhi! I’m currently at the Endless Eight episodes and this anime really does catch my interest! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the info, been considering getting this Yuki or the witch version. Just a quick question but I have figma haruhi I’m just wondering if the joints and such are the same? I’m guessing they are just want to be 100% sure

    • Yeap all Figma joints are the same..not too sure about the newer releses but I’m sure Yuki and Haruhi has the same joints, since they use almost the same body as well =3


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