Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Agito (Ground Form)

Agito is a rather old S.H.Figuart, but I really dig his design and having Gills and Anothert Agito, it seems wrong to exclude the main rider. So here he is!

As you can tell, Agito comes with a tremendous lack of accessories. Ah well…

Agito has a really clunky upper body with rather thin legs. Considering it’s using a similar body of Black and Kuuga, that is to be expected. =3


What Agito comes with is really sad. 1 pair of hands and an alternate head. That is seriously minimal. Ah….

However! If you have Black or any other Rider which utilizes purely black hands, you can allow Agito to borrow them for a slight bit. =)

Agito’s belt is rather detailed and with a clear yellow part in the middle, it looks really pretty. Now let’s try swapping Agito’s mask.

It’s really simple. Just ease off the front piece and then slide in your desired mask.

There you go!

Agito is raging about his lack of hands! He takes it out on Gills and Another Agito!

Argggghhh!!! Why meeee


Rider Kick!



Agito is a really simple, no frills release for this line. He comes with minimal accessories and pretty much expects the figure itself to deliver the rest. Well in my opinion, Agito did deliver the goods. He is poseable (not that much as his hips doesn’t have the swinging joint some SHFs have), looks nice and despite being an older release, doesn’t feel that dated. If you like Agito, this form is your best bet being relatively low in price and easy to find. The rest of the Agitos are Tamashii Web Exclusives which will cost your wallet some pain..and unless you’re a hardcore Agito fanboy or girl, this should sate your appetites. =3

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Agito (Ground Form)

  1. The first rider after i stopped watching 仮面ライダZO

    … I wanted to get Agito since i love that before he does his kick there’s always that huge Agito mask silhouette on the ground… i guess he didn’t come with that

  2. I have been wondering…

    How does the S.H.Figuarts compare to an average figma or Revoltech in terms of height?
    Which would be taller? Or are they mostly typically around the same height?

    • S.H.Figuarts are generally the same height as regular Figmas. For Revoltech comparisons I can’t really say since Revoltech really differs in height depending on their line. A regular Revoltech mecha would be smaller than a SHF but a Revoltech Yamaguchi might be really depends. =3


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