Review: Nendoroid Kirisame Marisa

After Reimu, it’s obvious that Marisa would be next and look at how happy she is to be in the spotlight! The black and white magician Marisa da-ze! Touhou Nendoroid week continues~

Dang it,it’s finally my review da-ze!

Similar to Reimu I got her off KBooks in Ikebukuro 2nd hand. =3 Hence the messy pricetags.

Marisa’s base reflects the Trigram and it’s pretty cool! One thing I forgot to mention with Reimu is that the Touhou bases has a flat coat done, which means there is a chance the paint from the Nendoroid’s feet can rub off on the base..

I really like how Marisa’s hair was sculpted. Instead of usual straight hair, Marisa has some curls going on and it looks rather messy and interesting. =) Her white apron has some slight pink shading done even though it’s not that obvious in the picture as well.

All Touhou characters seem to have bow on their rear and that’s something really cute and interesting. It’s also cool to notice that Marisa has asymmetrical hair, one side has the braid and the other doesn’t.

Marisa similarly to Reimu doesn’t come with that much. Just some hands, her trigram and broom and her humongous hat.

Marisa is pretty sweet by herself but once you plop on her hat, the awesome factor shoots way up! =3 Still be careful with it though, the hat is really heavy and it doesn’t attach anyway to Marisa’s head. It’s all held in by gravity so it would suck if it dropped off from height and got scratched up bad. =(


Her Trigram plugs in easily to only 1 hand but it’s really easy to position it to fit both palms. MAASSSTER SPARRRK!!

Despite the awesomeness of Master Spark, we cannot forget Marisa’s trusty broom!

The broom also plugs into her hands easily and solidly. However I’m rather bummed out that I can’t recreate her riding on her broom and flying about. Hmmm..

So this is a subsitute pose instead!!



Marisa is tremendous fun and despite having a rather drab color scheme of black/white, her accessories and costume more than makes up for it. She follows the trend from Reimu of only have 2 face-plates so nothing new or surprising. Only complaint I have would be that both broom and Trigram holding hands are her right hand so you can’t display her with both items. All in all I really enjoyed playing with Marisa and in comparison, I like Marisa more than Reimu. Pity that she is a limited release and thus commands quite a fee…Same as Reimu, get her if you can! She’s real fun!!



7 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Kirisame Marisa

  1. I really love your images when taken outside! What is that bridge like image on the background? Is it a real bridge? The light source is natural daylight right? I love how you use the natural sunlight. Maybe someday I’ll try taking images outside, It’s just that there are no greens outside my house since we live in the city.

    • hey yeah natural lighting seems to work best for me. I really suck at gauging how much light to use in indoor shots.etc so I just bring them out. I went to a park which has all these oriental bridges/pagodas and took lots of shots for my Touhou Nendoroids. Since urban areas don’t always work out so well with Nendoroids. =3 I’m using a Lumix GF1 btw, small enough for my needs, and gives me good enough pictures. =)

      • GF1 is god among Micro four thirds… Along with the (Prosumer) Canon G12 (and the soon coming G1X), (Prosumer) Nikon P7000/7100, (Prosumer) Sony HX70 and lets not forget the (Micro 4/3) Olympus E-P/PL series > _>;;

  2. Ha ha… I use to want a Marisa nendo until I saw the figma (which I now have, along with Aya and Sakuya).

    Her hair is a bit on the messy side as her house (story-wise) is a mess. More messy than the forest she lives in. XD

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