Review: Nendoroid Kochiya Sanae

One can never have too many Mikos now can they? So today, it’s Sanae turn to shine!! Sanae is the other Miko in Gensokyo and tends the Moriya shrine and being a descendant of a kami (god), she is so much stronger than a normal human. =3

Similar to all Touhou Nendoroids, she is an exclusive and thus on my priority list to get during my Tokyo trip. =)

Sanae has a pretty pentagram as her base, which I believe is based off her attacks. =)

Sanae has nice clean yet distinctive costume which contrasts so nicely with her jade hair. =) I also like her pink socks peeking above her blue shoes.

Nothing too interesting from the sides. Sanae has the usual straight hair sculpt for Nendoroids and there is some shading for the crevices between her hair.

One of the interesting things about Sanae is her hairclip? on the left side of her head. There is a frog and a snake curled around her hair. Correct me if I’m wrong but it supposedly represents both Kami (Gods) of the Moriya shrine. The ponytail can rotate about but it gets loose and falls off sometimes so be careful. I also really dig the cool printing of her skirt and sleeves and it’s really whimsical and pretty~

Sanae is a step-up from Reimu in that she has 1 more face-plate! Other than that, it’s all just hands and her Gohei (wand).

Sanae is totally adorable.  Reimu’s seems to have a bigger head but from Sanae, everything just flows. I love her sleeves and everything about her is so cute!!

Pose ripped off from the box. It’s just totally cute! Look at how shy she is, wahahaha and makes you want to cuddle and assure all is fine~

But don’t mess with Sanae too much though, she is still a formidable Miko!

Take that!!

If you don’t want your Sanae looking so shy all the time, you can switch in the smiley face. =)



After playing with both Reimu and Marisa and comparing it to Sanae, you can tell there is some definite improvement in the Nendoroids. First off the heads are not that large anymore, the paint job looks better and face-plates have blushes painted on them. I would highly recommend Sanae to anyone considering that she is totally adorable and she looks so unique. I really can’t find any issues with this Nendoroid except for the loose ponytail but that’s not to say it’s perfect. I would prefer more accessories to come with Sanae instead of just the Gohei but for what it’s worth, it’s a pretty good release by GSC. =)

aahhh…where am I? I think I am lost….



2 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Kochiya Sanae

  1. She may be cute an innocent, but be warn, she’s a “bit” over enthusiastic in hunting down youkai (to the point of sadistic, in Kogasa’s* word).
    The star sign is a homage to her spell card Esoterica “Gray Thaumaturgy” in the Touhou – Mountain of Faith (東方風神録) game.

    *an umbrella youkai who always seems to be Sanae’s victim.


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