Review: Nendoroid Izayoi Sakura

Touhou Nendoroid week continues with Izayoi Sakuya, the head-maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion! Sakuya is a human with the ability to stop time and wields plenty of knifes!! =3

Sakuya comes in a purple box similar to her hair colour!!

Sakuya’s base is a clock-face, reflecting her control over time. =)

As Sakuya is a maid, she obviously wears a maid costume and it’s really simple and clean. The white apron and sleeves has some slight pink shading to it and breaks out the white monotone pretty nicely. =) Sakuya has different eye colours in the game depending on the series but for the Nendoroid, GSC gave her violet eyes similar to her hair. I would prefer red eyes but this is sweet as well.For some reason I feel that the default face-plate she sports makes Sakuya look slightly chubby?

Sakuya’s hair sculpt is also pretty well done and the strands of her front fringe has the wind blown feel to it. Not forgetting her 2 braids at the front. Still since you can’t meet the front braids, it will block some arm movement.

A closer look at Sakuya’s costume. You can see there is a red line at her collar which adds some color to her rather plain ensemble.

Sakuya comes with 2 face-plates similar to Sanae (which is good!), different arms parts, a tea set and 2 knives.

The tea set has a peg on the tray which plugs snugly into her hand so no fear of things falling off here!

Remilia Ojou-sama, your tea as requested.

Sakuya also comes with a “No I won’t give you sweets to eat” face which is pretty cool. Interestingly enough, Sakuya’s hand are joined together so there aren’t any ugly seamlines when the hands meet together. Unlike Kirino or Haruhi.

Sakuuayaaaa I want more blood sweets~ – Flandre

I told you Flandre Ojou-sama, only once a day. Too much is bad for your teeth. – Sakuya

Sakuya also comes with her knives which she holds like this. I am rather disappointed that GSC decided to have her wield her knives like this as the Figma has her holding 3 knives per hand as she does most of the time. Is it too difficult to mass-produce a hand with 3 knives? Or maybe the weight is too heavy for the hand? =( Anyways I like this angry expression on Sakuya the most, something about angry Nendoroids just make me smile.

Intruder detected in the mansion!

*Time Stops*

*slash, slash, cut cut, dice dice*

Next time, knock on the door. – Sakuya

uhwaaahh….I just wanted some tea…. – Reimu


Speaking from the appearance point of view, Sakuya’s cuteness level isn’t on par with some of the other more adorable releases so it probably wouldn’t catch your eye. So if you’re looking for cuteness in your palm, Sakuya probably wouldn’t feel that niche as much as other Nendoroids will. That being said though, Sakuya has a really unique look (as with all Touhou-ians) going on with her and despite her costume being plain, she brings across a certain attitude and feel to the table. However I wouldn’t really recommend her to anyone unless they really want to collect her, or just love her character, although personally I’m more than pleased with Sakuya. Now I’ll wait for her to bring me my tea~

Would you like knives in your tea ご主人様? – Sakuya

Eh my dear…I think will pass on the tea =O


6 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Izayoi Sakura

  1. … i’m tempted to get the touhou nendos now… ALTHOUGH… i knew that if i do, i’ll be diving into the bottomless pit of limited issued high pricing nendos T ^T)/

  2. Sacchan is one of the more adorable characters and in nendo form, her HNNNNNG~! factor multiplied ten fold. =D

    And yes, her ability to control time is some what… unearthly…
    She may call herself human but… who knows… 😉

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