Review: Nendoroid Remilia Scarlet

Touhou Nendo week is coming to a close and we have the 2nd last Nendoroid to be introduced, enter the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia Scarlet! She is a vampire thus the wings and the moniker ‘The Scarlet Devil’ due her messy feeding habits~

I will admit right now. The reason I got into Touhou was because of the Scarlet sisters, more specifically their Nendoroids. So thank you GSC for coming up with such poisonous Nendoroids that lead me into the sweet abyss that is Touhou Project. =3

Remilia has a funky base of bats fluttering about. =)

Remilia comes out of the box with her wings attached and it’s on a peg joint which you move about. Her hair is purplish with white shading and her pink dress also has shading. All in all a really pleasant first impression.

From the sides you can see the bows on her arms and the nice frilly skirt.

The dress she wears is rather plain but there is some nice shading done on it. But still it’s really plain without much details.

However Remilia has super cute boots and even though it’s tiny, there are still bows sculpted on her feet. =)

Remilia with various arm parts, her hat, 2 other face-plates and Gungnir her lance.

The original expression out of the box is rather meh for me..but on the flipside, Remilia does look much nicer with her hat on.

I like the stripe on her bow, it makes the hat look more interesting. Similar to Marisa though, her hat is attached via gravity so it will fall off if you mess around with it too much. Good thing is that it’s much lighter compared to Marisa’s hat but also much lighter in colour, making it easily dirtied if it scratches against a dark-coloured object…

I really dig this expression…what is Remirya plotting this time?

Oh hello Reimu, what brings you here to my mansion today? – Remilia

Oh, I just wanted some tea... – Reimu

OR NOT! – Reimu

the red sky is your plan again isn’t it? – Reimu

….so what if it is? – Remilia

I answer to no one!! – Remilia

Take that!!!

Ackk! – Reimu

Muaahahahhahahahaha – Remilia


Personally, I think this is the most balanced of all the Touhou Nendoroids I have. It has an impressive looking weapon in Gungnir, she has fun expressions and playability befitting a Nendoroid and  looks super cute. Only negative for me would be the rather simple dress, they could have painted the cuffs and buttons in white or something instead of leaving it so plain but that’s sort of nitpicking already. I totally recommend this Nendoroid to anyone and if it wasn’t so exclusive, I’m sure I would have gotten it earlier instead of waiting till Tokyo.

What’ your blood type 赤信号さん?- Remirya

B+ – Me

Ahh…いただきます*bites* – Remirya



3 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Remilia Scarlet

  1. You should be extremely lucky, as she does consume like typical vampires, she just sips.
    Looks like you’ve completed the SDM (Scarlet Devil Mansion) crew along with Sakuya and Flandre. =)

    • I know right..although I might be anaemic now..but at least I’m still alive after she snacked on me. ^-^ Yeaaah I love all e SDM character designs…now I just wish and hope for a proper Patchouli Nendoroid (the petite one is too petite!!)


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