Review: Nendoroid Flandre Scarlet

The last Nendoroid to grace the Touhou Week, my favourite Touhou gal Flandre Scarlet! She has such an awesome character design and as a Nendoroid, it’s impossible to resist! =D

Before I go any further, check this out! Flan-chan is named Nendoroid of 2011 by Nendonesia!! Grandma’s story begins:

Well here comes my long story…before my Tokyo trip, Flandre was on the TOP of my list to get…well I went there for 10.5 days and for the first 9 days, I couldn’t find her at all. I scoured Akihabara, Nakano Broadway, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Shinjuku.etc but NO Flandre. On my 10th day, a really sad me trudged around Akiba looking for the Tokyo Anime Center and went pass a really random store which had all sorts of over-priced items. Then my cousin pointed out “hey, they have a 5th floor for Nendoroids”. So we went up and OMGGGZZ there was Flandre, sitting all pretty in a shelf for only 4200Yen. If that wasn’t divine intervention then, I wouldn’t know what that is…hard work does pay off I suppose?Well I got my Flandre and considering Singapore is selling her for around 10,000Yen, it was a bargain in more ways then one.

Grandma story ends:

well after drying my tears of joy, let’s go back to this review. Flan-chan also has a lovely base of diamonds, reflecting her wings and it’s light coloured, so it doesn’t stand out too much. =3

Flandre out of the box. She has a nice tone to her yellow hair and there is some shading done here and there. The tuft of hair sticking out is glued on so don’t try anything funny by twisting it lest you end up in tears~ I also like her vibrant dress of orangey red and how the pink flows into the red. All in all, a really striking colour combination.

For some strange reason, I only took 1 side view of Flan-chan but anyways, nothing too interesting from the sides as well.

Flandre has a more interesting dress compared to her sister with the different mash of colours for her. Pink frills and collar, a yellow ribbon and red for the main body. Nice! Although I didn’t take a picture but she wears bloomers beneath the skirt as well. =D

Flan-chan also has some cute shoes.

Accessories wise, Flandre comes with some hands, her hat, 2 expressions, her weapon Laevetain and her pretty pretty wings~

The wings arch back in a maybe 30 degree slant so it’s not exactly spread out straight like Remirya’s bat wings there. Display wise you need some space for her to stand without poking others within the vicinity. =) The wings are so pretty especially when they catch the light and it’s probably why this Nendoroid is so expensive and rare. Because no one wants to sell theirs off!!! =3

The jewels are on the same mould as the wing so there won’t be any movement with them. Part of me hoped that they would make it individual so it can swing about but on a practical side of things, the current un-moving one would be the best arrangement.

As awesome as her wings are, Flan-chan still has more up her sleeves. Now she is reminding me that she is still missing something.

Yes my dear? – Me

My hat please =) – Flandre

You got to love polite vampires. =D

Her hat similarly to her sister, just plops on her head. It’s not that loose but not that tight either. Take care when moving her around the place.

Now that the aesthetics are done, let’s move on to the other stuff. Like her happy face-plate!!

Onee-sama! I want more sweets! – Flandre

Find Sakuya, she has all the keys to the cupboards – Remilia

Sakuyaa Sakuyaaa, where are my sweets? – Flandre

Ojou-sama, you have eaten too much. Please rest for now – Sakuya

Ojou-sama, I will bring you more sweets in 2 hours time, please bear with it till then -Sakuya

Ku ku ku, you think I will wait 2 hours….you wish…*glint* – Flandre

I really like this expression, there’s something sublimely evil with this face but being a Nendoroid, you can’t feel it’s evil. Instead it’s downright adorable for me. =3

Flandre grip on the Laevetain really firmly so no issues with poseability there.

Don’t mess with Vampires now!


I really really love my Flandre Nendoroid. She is officially my favourite Nendoroid now! Biases aside, Flandre has an amazing look (which Nendoroid has crystal wings?), simple but effective accessories and good synergy with the rest of the Touhou gang. I wouldn’t recommend trying to get Flandre first because by herself, it just doesn’t seem that fun. If you have to get a Touhou Nendoroid, Remilia should be your first stop before aiming for Flandre but if Flan-chan really appeals to you, try your best to get her then! Just know that she costs a bomb outside of Japan and it seriously takes some luck to get her. Good luck folks and for those who have her, Hi-5!!

I may be a vampire, but as a Nendoroid I’m immune to the sun!

These 2 Nendoroids set me on the path of no return….still I love them so very much!! Rem-Chan, Flan-Chan!!!


5 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Flandre Scarlet

  1. they are just.. downright adorable!!! =3 yeah love’em polite vampires! she just got unique wings.!
    wow! you;re lucky to have found her and with that low of a price! congratulations! 😀

  2. The charisma and KYUU together, who knows what devilish mayhem they are plotting now…

    Crowd: FLAN-CHAN YPA*~!!!

    *HURRAH in Russian, courtesy to a doujin by Tagawa Gengo.

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