News: K-On! けいおん! in Tokyo

The K-On movie opened on 3/12/2011 and since my trip was in the same month, I was hoping that I can catch it. What I didn’t expect, was how popular the whole series was in Tokyo!

K-On has a collaboration with Lawson, the Konbini (which is a mini-mart like 7-11) and they have a ton loads of K-On stuff. There are some limited K-On goodies like figurines and what not but there is also alot of food, mainly chocolates~

In the end, I got this for my K-On loving cousins back home. =)

At Ikebukuro, they have Yui hanging from every street lamp.. =3

The Sunshine 60 building in Ikebukuro was K-On heaven and if you love the girls, you will definitely be swept away in this moe~ wave.

In Namco Namja Town, they were even running a K-On ice cream promotion. Different members have different ice cream done. I chose Yui (naturally) and my cousin got the Mio one. Yui’s one is shaped after the clapper thingy she played when she was a kid (un~ tan~ un~ tan~) while Mio’s was her bass. It’s kinda costly but they give you a limited postcard to make you feel better~

At Animate Shinjuku, they also have the members plastered all over. Ahh scratch that, at ALL Animates, they have K-On! I didn’t take photos inside the shops but they are selling all K-On stuff from biscuits, stickers to figurines and posters! It’s kind of mind-boggling.

In Shinjuku where I caught the movie, they had a Xmas tree adorned with K-On to celebrate both Xmas AND K-On! Yay!

After they removed the tree, they then placed  human sized boards of all the members around the original area. =3

After the movie, they even had a shop selling movie memorabilia and trust me when I said they had lots of limited items. Maann they have limited items EVERYWHERE~

Like that isn’t enough, K-On even had a tie-up with Lotteria (one of their fast-food brands) to have K-On combos. Being the sucker that I am, I obviously fell for it

There were 2 sets, 1 with the badge, and 1 with the chicken head pouch~ That’s the costume Yui wore to distribute flyers and being a chicken meal set, it’s rather appropriate~


K-On is a crazy cash-cow and it’s fans like me who feed that machine. Am I stupid? Maybe, but K-On really means something to me. I love the dumb dialogue and actions and the simple but strong message of friendship brought across the series. Of course they are better anime out there, I know for myself there are tons better in story and meaning when compared to K-On. I love K-On not only because they are tremendously moe-ful, but because they blend slap-stick comedy, friendship and personal growth and maturity so well together. The Seiyuus are talented and everyone can relate to what the girls are going through. The movie wasn’t brilliant, but it sure was entertaining and sitting through that made me adore the girls even more! けいおん!





2 thoughts on “News: K-On! けいおん! in Tokyo

  1. I love K-on too! Too bad my hard drive got hay wired and I lost my K-on copies of Anime, Imma download them again! I miss watching them! =3

    Damn, That’s why Japan is so.. persistent? I mean, if they really want to promote something, they’ll promote it like hell! And make all the fans go wild with all those merchandise!~ More fun and moeness for us.. =3


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