Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Dragon and Rising Pegasus

I pretty much grabbed all the rising Kuugas off the shelves of Mandarake as they were really cheap.. =3 So now let’s take a look at the twin set of Pegasus and Dragon~

As you can tell from the sticker on the box, these 2 come together as a Tamashii exclusive. As far as I know, all Kuuga Rising forms are exclusives. =3

This year being the year of the Dragon, let’s take a look at Kuuga Rising Dragon first! Similar to all rising forms, the main differences would be the gold trim. =3 Rising Dragon looks pretty slim here and the blue is really glossy. It isn’t that bad but I do wish the gold used was brighter, this looks very puke-gold to me~

Nothing too interesting from the sides. Being an older SHF, you can see the ankles look terrible from the sides.

Dragon comes with his Rising Dragon Rod and 2 pairs of hands. Rod..really?That being said, the Dragon Rod does have some nice paint applications on it.

A closer look at Dragon’s armour. It looks rather nifty with the gloss and look at Kuuga’s belt! The Dragon form boosts Kuuga’s speed and agility and you can see that the armour is more streamlined and lighter.

When I placed the rod into Kuuga’s hand, it occurred to me how loose the whole thing was…I tried pressing on the hand to clamp it tighter but it’s still loose! It’s kinda sad that with such a cool weapon, Kuuga can’t hold it properly..

Poseability isn’t that great as Kuuga doesn’t have the new hips that swings the leg out for a wider range of movement.

Still I got to admit, Kuuga with his rod looks good~

Next up is Pegasus. It’s Kuuga’s green form and with the change of shoulder and chest armour, everything else is the same. =)

He has really brilliant green eyes though…for some reason SHFs with green compound eyes always really shine.

same pairs of hands like Dragon and the Rising Peagus Bowgun.

You can see how much Pegasus’ eyes are sparkling there~ Maybe that helps with his heightened senses in Pegaus form? The bowgun’s end can also be pulled out, which makes it look longer and better.

Regrettably enough, Pegasus also can’t seem to hold his gun properly. However if you push it in, it’s still a better fit than Dragon’s Rod. =3


I really enjoyed Kuuga Dragon and Pegasus as SHFs. Their paintwork is really shiny and they can pose decently. However what killed it were the weapons not being able to be held properly…if you just want a green or blue Kuuga, I would think the normal releases would sate your appetite. The rising forms just have fancier weapons, golden trims and a higher price tag to justify them all. I don’t regret getting them but at the same time, I can’t say they blow me away as well. =3

Rising Titan, coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Dragon and Rising Pegasus

  1. A little off-topic here, but do you know any place/shop in Singapore that still keep a good stock of old S.H. Figuarts for sale? I am looking for a few particular ones that came out last year… but they are just really difficult to find anymore.

    • hmm….you can always try China Square central on Sundays, or there are 2 shops at the top level of Plaza Singapura, Movie Replicas or something. What are you looking for btw? Cause some might cause more if it’s really popular.

      • Thank you akashingou. I will go take a look at China Square and PS. I went both places a few times before, but did not keep a look out for Figuarts-related merchandises.

        There are a couple of S.H. Figuarts I am looking for, but the highest on my wish list so far are Cure Sunshine and Tsunashi Takuto (both are radiant~ XP).

      • I’ve seen Tsunashi around a few places and his prices aren’t that high so it’s not too bad. I don’t know anything about the Pretty Cure SHFs though, good luck! =)

  2. Just to update you:
    I found Takuto at $53 in Plaza Singapura. But dang, I checked China Square first and despite the numerous store, they had none. Boo hoo~

    And no luck at Cure Sunshine. Or pretty much any Cure-related Figuarts. Except for the most recent Cure Moonlight that was ALSO in PS. =(


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