Review: Nendoroid Nymph

After Ikaros, the next Angeloid to grace my house would be none other than the adorable Nymph~

Nymph is from the series Sora no Otoshimono and having an angel as a Nendoroid…I don’t think anyone can (or should) resist that. =3

then I saw this damn stand. With the terrible attachment piece. Memories and frustration came rushing back from Ikaros’ terrible experience..

The 2 pictures above was a nerve-wrecking 15mins of trying to fit the damn stand into Nymph’s back…I hate how the wings hold the Nendoroid in place and because Nymph has the cloak thing going on, it’s much more irritating than Ikaros to plug it in. Based on this horrible experience, I am tempted to tell you NOT to get her…but still too early in the review for that… Anyways Nymph looks really cute and those clear wings really add some charm to the whole package.

Similar to Ikaros, the white paint on Nymph is splotchy in texture and has a sheen to it. Maybe it’s the paint used?

This is the absolute LAST picture I took with Nymph with her cloak on before common sense prevailed and said “screw it”.

Nymph comes with considerably lesser things than Ikaros did. Just different arms, 2 face-plates and chibi-wings.

With the cloak off, the posing becomes much easier. Still the wings are apt to pop off once in a while.

Bug! Guess which hand I’m hiding my potato chip in!

Bug? As in Insect? Eh whatever..erm the right hand? – Me

Damn bug, you’re right…try again! – Nymph

“I’ll try putting it in my right hand again. The insect will never know! ”
Now bug, choose or die!


Hmmph.You must be cheating….or have better Radar than me…

Go away bug, I don’t deal with pesky flies.

I have some potato chips though~- Me

!! Really? – Nymph


*munch munch*

The chibi wings hold the Nendoroid much more securely than the larger wings did. And check out that face-plate! =D


You will notice almost all of my shots were ground shots, the stupid stand attachment is just too troublesome to make Nymph soar in the sky as I didn’t want her tumbling down mid-way through a photo. Nymph also doesn’t come with a lot of accessories so playability is kind of limited. Still Nymph makes up for it with extreme cuteness. I think all the face-plates provided really works well with her and she is really adorable, as a Nendoroid should. If you think you can deal with the frustration of the base, go ahead and get her! She will definitely light up your day. =)

My little slice of “Heaven”?



9 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Nymph

  1. i want to get more nendos… but i’m holding any ideas because im still missing parts of some series T ^T

    K-ON: Mugi, Yui

    T ^T damn my completionist curse lol

  2. Heya,

    I’m a total newb when it comes to this. So please bear with me if you would like to help me.. Iv’e been watching animes for quite sometime and decided to tryout collecting some Nendoroids. I ordered Ikaros and Nymph, I just got my hands on my Nymph and been struggling for the past hour to get it to stand with its stand that I utterly hate yet she is cute I have no regrets. (pic:

    My question is do you, whom are clearly experienced, have any tips for me on how not to break her and how to make she stand properly with her big wings. I just barely managed the small once without her coat.. And after seeing the Ikaros stand I am cursing myself for assuming they all came with a circle stand around their foot like displayed on pictures, pff… I’m just afraid i’d end up breaking my Nympf just when I got her or Ikaros later.

    Also, any tip on some good place to display them? They’re fall smaller then I thought they’d be.

    Anyways, thanks in advance.

    • Wohohoo the stand is pure garbage..and I’m sorry but it’s true. As far as Nendoroids go..the stands are really bad since they require the wings to go through the pegs..

      Anyhoos if you have trouble making her stand with the peg, remove both her bottom body and her head..leaving just her chest and slowly maneuver her in. Once the body and wings are fixed in, bend the arm joint (for the stand) backwards slot in the bottom body, push the stand back down until Nymph is standing on her feet, then gently pop her head back in. You probably need to have lots of patience but it’s do-able..just not that fun.

      Hoped that helps! =D And welcome to Nendoroid collecting!

      • I fully agree, it is utter garbage since its next to impossible with the bigger wings when combined with her coat… I really thought i’d get the transparent leg stand as shown in all pictures!

        I’ll make sure to try that carefully, already almost got the garbage stand broken and almost lost the tiny wings for when it all falls apart and I facepalm..

        Thank you for the quick responds and for welcoming me, although, I’m not sure I’m off to a good start, hahahaha.


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