A reblog from Indi’s blog, “Why no one gives a shit about you pirating Tokusatsu”

I read through this article and boy it did make a lot of sense. =D

Indi argues that for Tokusatsu, the primary motivation  is the revenue from the spin-off merchandise, AND not being the show itself. It’s really interesting and being a sucker for the goods, I know it all too well.  It’s true about the whole merchandise part…just from the Gokaigers, other than the toys and Figuarts, they have gashapons, candy, CDs and a heck load of other things I probably don’t know about. It’s worth a read just to reaffirm or learn something new.

” But the bottom line is you should not feel guilty for doing something that isn’t really illegal. The US holds no rights to any of the Rider shows for example, so you having watched that footage doesn’t really hurt anyone anyway, especially if you’re buying their merchandise.”

More or less, the whole anime industry is like this? As long as you take active steps to support the series through manga, CDs or merchandise, they seem pretty content to keep churning out stuff. =3

It will be rather interesting to hear your thoughts on this as well. =D

I’m all ready for my next episode of Gokaigers! =D


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