I love me 2D girls, is that why I blog?… =3

Following off Exilehero’s post on why bloggers blog and do what they do..I decided to contribute my very humble 2cents on the topic.These are my reasons…

To take photos and do reviews at the same time:

First off, I love buying anime/tokusatsu related products especially toy related items. I like to see how it was sculpted, put together packaged and finally sold to fans like me. It’s fun to see the gradual improvements in quality, discussing with friends on the next exciting release and once I have the item, to take photos of it and do a review. Doing a review requires pictures, and allows me to appreciate a product so much more than just cracking the box open, fiddle around with it then place it on my shelf. I need to do some research to get my facts right, scrutinise the product more closely and sometimes, think of creative ways to shoot the thing. It’s a really fun process and it brings out more value out of the toy. =3 I also hope to cover stuff that other people might be looking for, so it would be easier for them to make up their minds whether or not to get the item.

To obviously, make friends and get opinions:

I have plenty of local anime friends, so I can just get their opinion on something whenever I need to. However what I really would like is to meet people from other countries, with other viewpoints on stuff. Sure I could go forums but sometimes there is just so much flaming and whatnot that there really isn’t much point. Hopefully through blogging, information can be passed around and I can learn something new everyday from fellow bloggers. =3

Free publicity for stuff that I enjoy:

Another thing which ExileHero mentioned was the spreading of knowledge about things he really likes. That is really such an awesome point and although I don’t know much, I do try to blog about stuff that appeals to me, new products that I am excited about or even some travel pictures. ExileHero is right about Milky Holmes, they are tremendous yet when they came over to AFA 11, there were scarcely any cheers. (Not that their new anime season is helping..as storylines go, it’s really bad. =O ) Anyways if I blog about say Milky Holmes, there is 1 more page available on Google for people to find and in that cycle, an awareness is created.

An outlet for all my thoughts and opinions:

By setting up a blog, I’m already asking for public scrutiny and whatever happens, I in a way deserve it depending on how I blog and stuff. However being human, you always want to have your say on things and my blog is how I do it. I release all the emotions that haunt me during reviews into words on my blog (I’m eyeing you, Nymph and Ikaros pegs) and by setting free those feelings into words, I feel better and learn to love (or hate) some of the stuff I have even more.


The Anime/Toku industry is a tremendous one, from original stuff to highly creative Doujinshi, music and performances. There will always be favourite things one likes and other stuff that you hate and by exchanging links and whatnot, you can have a regular community of people blogging about stuff and that makes for a highly exciting and personal experience. I really really love anime, the science, societal, business and production aspect of it. It’s a cash generating cow feeding fans like me and although I have to part with money every month, it’s all worth it in the end. (I suppose?) Thanks to ExileHero for blogging and making me think about this. =3

for a money sucking machine, look no further than けいおん!



7 thoughts on “I love me 2D girls, is that why I blog?… =3

  1. I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually make a post explaining why they post. Thanks for considering it! I’m starting to see similarities in the reasons people blog. Maybe blogging is all about making friends?

    Wait, Milky Holmes went to AFA and no one cheered for them? I feel sorry for them :(.

    Also, I like how your title says that you love 2D girls but the first picture in the post is of 3D girls haha.

    • hahaha well it’s because i love both 2D and 3D girls! And about Milky Holmes…yah it was so sad. I was one of the few jumping around only…the rest didn’t have a clue who the hell they were…. =(

  2. I agree with you said, if it wasn’t for blogging and taking pictures I wouldn’t appreciated my figures as much as a do. Whether it is a scaled or articulated figma, I like to see the workmanship that goes into them.

    I also like the sharing part of it, raising awareness of stuff we like is always nice. Even more so when it is an often misunderstood hobby such as these.


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