News: Garage Kit of Flan-chan from Touhou Project (Glemo)

As WonFes is coming around, the net is abuzz with news of GK (garage kits) popping out all over the place. One that caught my attention is the Flandre Scarlet GK by Glemo.

Her usual jewels have been switched to stars instead. It still looks good but what I’m really interested is can the base support all that weight…? Maybe it’s a metal rod?

The frills are really insane though…and is Flan-chan chomping on a donut?

I can’t really decide if I actually like this rendition OR really like it…hmm

However since it’s a GK, it means you got to D.I.Y to get the final product in the pictures. It’s akin to doing Resin Kits for Gunpla. A lot of skill and painting applications to go for…since I don’t have the time and the skills, I will just enjoy the promo pictures~

Will be back with reviews as soon as I can.  Cheers folks!


all pictures and information from Nekomagic.

4 thoughts on “News: Garage Kit of Flan-chan from Touhou Project (Glemo)

  1. Man, this looks pretty neat. The stars for Flandre’s wings is an interesting choice. If there is one that bothers me it’s how the figure itself is resting on only Leavantine. That’s some scary looking balancing act going on there, makes me wonder what it is made of to support the weigh or if it’s all just really light.

    • exactly right..there seems to be some serious balance issues there. I don’t really foresee it being that light as well, as the parts for the skirt is a solid chunk by itself…my guess would be that Laevateinn is going to be a solid metal piece to deal with it all…unless they didn’t put the supporting rods into the promo pics?


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