Review: S.H.Figuarts Gokai Pink

With Ahim in the collection, my Gokaigers are finally complete…sort of…(I don’t really count Gai in…just don’t like him for some reason) so let’s take a look at the princess!

Gokai Pink Aka Ahim is the 2nd Tamashii Webshop Exclusive for the Gokaigers following on from Luka and so she will cost you a pretty penny. =( The box is also depressingly plain with no metallic foil around the pink colours. I don’t understand why they are exclusives, but look worse than the normal releases…ah well

Ahim has a rather pleasing pink tone to her suit. Unlike Luka which looked very plasticky, Ahim has more of a matt feel to her pink and only her helmet is glossy. Other than that, nothing much to say considering I already reviewed 4 of the Gokaigers before..

Ahim being a female has more of a stumpy feel to her. Well not exactly stumpy..petite maybe?

The lovely ladies from the Gokaigers. For some reason Ahim is a teeny bit taller than Luka which doesn’t make sense. Luka should be taller than Ahim. =(

Ahim seems to come with hell lot of stuff but alot is repetition.

when you discount all the hands, all you’re left with that is exclusive to Ahim is her skirt, another yoyo saber for Luka, her ranger keys and the dual fused pistols.

Gokai Change!

The dual pistols. For some reason, it’s really difficult to fit Ahim’s hands around it. But it does look cool.


The point of collecting all of them is to do things like this…~ =3  When I stare at this picture, the fact that I spent around 30,000Yen for them seems worth it…almost…

It’s really fun to do these kind of shots. I will probably bring them out for even more outdoor pictures when I have the time. =)

And now Luka has 2 sabers to swing about…yay.

Ahim also obviously comes with her Darin and it’s the exact replica of the other 4 besides the colour.



There is absolutely no reason for anyone to splurge on her. It’s expensive and really quite pointless. Ahim’s extras isn’t that mindblowing and she is so similar to the rest of the Gokaigers. That being said, the joy of assembling all 5 of them is sublime and really, really colourful and I don’t regret it as much as I thought. If you watched the Gokaigers and really like Ahim (because she is so pretty and demure), you might want to fork out for this..either that or you already have Luka and want her to complete the 5. Anyways, don’t get Ahim unless you have too much money to spend or have completion issues like me. =D If the Gokaigers were all normal releases, I would say jump on it! Sadly that isn’t the case for both Ahim and Luka so if you think it’s worth it..go for it!





8 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Gokai Pink

    • well the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers were part of the Super Sentai line-up and called Zuu Rangers in Japanese…so now it’s finally the 35th Super Sentai Team Gokaigers! =)

  1. Like to get these cause the Saban take is just looking crappier by the second. The GoKaigaigers are just a power up for the current series.

      • Ahhh…I only watched Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as a kid but once I realized they were originally from Japan..I started to watch Toei stuff exclusively to save myself from the heartbreak =X


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