Review: Nendoroid Tomoe Mami

my favourite girl from the Magica quartet is here! Tomoe Mami, the headless mahou shoujo, makes her debut! =3

Mami has a pretty looking box and she packs plenty of stuff into the standard Nendoroid box.

Because Mami is so awesome, GSC had to give her 3 different arms for her stands. =D

Mami has a rather shallow depression for the peg so the stand doesn’t hold her that securely which kinda sucks. Anyways Mami has a really nice costume and even though it’s simple, there are lines everywhere to break up the colours.

In case you didn’t notice it above, Mami’s two twintails are on Nendoroid joints, so you can move them up and down. =)

I’m an absolute sucker for clear parts and Mami’s hairpin has a clear orange piece in the middle.

A closer look at Mami’s uniform. You can see all the lines on her corset and stockings and no paint bleeding on mine.

Other than the articulation at her shoulder, her elbows and wrists can also twist. That’s plenty of poseability for a Nendoroid. =)

Mami comes with a fantastic amount of extras. 4 muskets, her gigantic Tiro Finale cannon, hands, a bent leg, her cap and Charlotte!

Being a Mahou Shoujo is so demanding…let’s have some tea to relax myself~

Oh..witches nearby. Let’s go then.

Tomoe Mami, Sanjou~ 巴マミ参上!

Mami’s hat attaches via a magnet but it’s not really that strong so it falls off time to time.

Take that witch! Suffer the pain of defeat!

Her muskets comes with holders that peg into her base. Really cool and visually impressive.

Sadly though, only 1 hand is able to grasp her muskets. So you can only have Mami wielding 1 weapon…=(

Other than the fact that Mami can only hold 1 weapon…when she holds it, it looks really awkward…So two negatives just for the weapon holding. =(

Tiro Finale~

Despite all the issues with her muskets, I got to say, the giant cannon looks really sweet. It isn’t the easiest thing to pose but once it’s there, it looks tremendous. =D

That’s for disrupting my tea time.

what are YOU doing here? – Mami

Don’t leave. It’s dangerous. – HomuHomu

tch, another tea-hater.- Mami

tea, tea tea~

tea tea tea~

I want my cheese! You look like cheese! – Charlotte

O..M..G. – Mami

In case you are wondering what the hell is that floating caterpillar, I have to say, go watch the anime, episode 3 and all will be clear. =3

Charlotte’s ears can move and her mouth is also removable.


tch, no one ever listens to me. =/ – HomuHomu


After Nendoroid Madoka got announced, I was already eagerly awaiting Mami and this release did not disappoint. She has got a tremendous slew of extras with her cannon, muskets and Charlotte and that means she has a heck load of play-ability. If you watched the series, it’s really easy to appreciate and enjoy this release but even if you didn’t, you got to admit that the giant Tiro Finale looks crazy awesome. The only issues I have with Mami is the awkward Musket holding hand and the sucky shallow hole for her pegs. Other than that, she is really fun so watch the anime if you haven’t, then get her!

for some reason, I really like this expression. =3



19 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Tomoe Mami

    • thanks! i have a book with plenty of album art and the background was Disraeli Gears by Cream. Since the Madoka girls fight the witches in whacked out environments, I was thinking the psychedelic background would be rather apt. ^3

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