Outdoor Photography: S.H.Figuarts Gokaigers

As I had some free time, I went with Inu out around town and snapped some snazzy pictures of the Gokaigers. Check out Inu’s blog here and he has some wonderful shots down there! =)

This will be pretty much just be pictures. Won’t bother doing explanations or whatever, so sit back and enjoy the pictures. =3

This was at Hong Lim Park, Speaker’s corner.

The area around OCBC building.


Outdoor photography is so much fun! You get to bring life to your collection with the dynamic backgrounds, the natural light is awesome and the feeling is just so different. You can only do so many props for your toys but if you want realism, sometimes outside is the way to go. =3 Don’t mind people’s curious stares, as long as you are happy doing what you do, that’s enough. =D

Gokai Silver is borrowed from Inu! Thanks!! =D



10 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: S.H.Figuarts Gokaigers

  1. The problem is, i run a diner so i rarely have time to go “outside”…
    …though i do go “inside” a lot.

    Like the supplier’s office, the local vegetable market and so on and so forth… T^T

      • er… i think i got that covered… they never complain about air since i hooked a tight grilled exhauster on the cabinet… and an ionizer to the back of it… blowing air in >_<

      • Totally, I usually just desaturate my pictures slightly to avoid any color bleed… but to each their own. Like I mentioned before, these are some fun pics. Hope to see more. BTW I’ve been trying to look into getting code to having a randomly rotating banner like yours. Any insight on how you got that?

      • I’m using the twentyeleven theme from WordPress and from there you can just upload pictures and select it to be random. I’m not that good with code and stuff so simplicity works for me. Hope that helps!

      • More than you’d imagine. I totally forgot that the new version of that theme had that function… I’ll have to dissect the code and figure out how to do it sometime soon. SPANKS!


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