News: Winter Wonfes 2012 – Nendoroid Mania!! =O

WonFes and Tamashii Festival is where I keep my eyes peeled for the next wave of merchandise that comes along and steals my money..for Wonfes especially, GSC always manages to cause me heartburn at the awesome cuteness of the damn Nendoroids. Figmas, Figurines are fine and I love them, but my cup of poison is well and truly those chibi big-heads. =3

There is a tremendous slew of Nendoroids, around 20+ but if I were to pre-order each and every one of them, I would be on the streets as a hobo. So let’s just take a look at the ones which really caught my fancy~

Inoriiiii!! She is super cool in Guilty Crown and her face looks spot-on as a Nendoroid. The hair looks tremendous as well, going with her costume orange to red gradient.

Nendoroid-Petit Charlotte! Looks real funky and Mami has more new friends to play (shoot) with now!

Alice Margatroid from Touhou Project as well! I missed the boat for Youmu and Yuyuko so if possible, I’m not missing her!

Nano from Nichijou. Right now she seems a little plain but if GSC throws in some awesome accessories, she might be worth the purchase!

Of course, if you have Nano, you got to have Hakase! And Sakamoto as well! =D

Shinguji Sakura from Sakura Taisen. Granted, I don’t know who she is but seriously this looks crazy awesome. Almost as awesome as the  Millihiore Nendoroid (which is delayed till March…boo) She might be worth pre-ordering just for the crazy cool factor alone… =3

Kokoro-chan! *smacks* Ah well…Kokoro girl genius then. Kokoro looks really fine here and I think she is the exclusive one that comes with the PSP game? As much fun as Kokoro can be, I’m not prepared to pay a premium for her.. =(

Princess of the crystal! Nendoroids with over-sized hats are always fun and if she comes with the Penguins, that will be some insane stuff!

Shinryaku, shinryaku Ika Musume chuu~ The Figma looks pretty nice already but the Nendoroid looks even cuter~ Now you can have your favourite squid girl invading your room!

Another BRS product…really GSC? Does the world need that many BRS’s?  And not just a new Nendoroid, but Figmas as well!

The moment I saw BRS walk around with her hoodie on in the damn anime, I knew there would be a version with the hoodie up. True to form, here come yet another BRS Figma for all the fans~ There’s another Insane BRS Figma as well…counting this 2..its BRS, BRS game ver, BRS BLK, WRS making a grand total of 7 Figmas and her motorbike. If I’m right, even Haruhi had only 6 versions…Man they are really milking it here…feeling it for those BRS completionists…=(

I know I missed out so much more on WonFes products from Kotobukiya, Megahouse,  Max Factory, Alter, GSC and etc but seriously, there is a hell load of stuff and I will probably cover whichever appeals to me when the time comes. Right now Nendoroids rule my life. =3


Photos and information linked from Tomopop and Nendonesia. =)

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