Wonfes 2012 Winter: Alter’s goodies

Man being a sucker for Alter’s figurines, this will be the second company I’m keeping my eyes peeled for after GSC. And what did they announce that have me excited..well read on, read on~

I love AnoHana so much and seriously, who doesn’t? Kotobukiya has tried their hand at Menma and now it’s Alter’s turn.

Despite being 1/8, Menma has a tremendously large base which would probably rocket her price up. Despite that..I’m still highly tempted by this work of art.. =3

OMG OMG OMG..MOMOHIME IS GETTING RE-ISSUED! I missed out on her the first time and hell if I will miss out on her again. Momohime in my opinion is one of the best figurines out there and knowing that Alter is kind enough to reissue her makes me so happy…this is probably the best news I received this week, or even month. =D

In case of those who haven’t glimpsed the beauty of this princess, here she is. However enclosed in a shelf with no pretty backgrounds doesn’t do her full justice. I’ve seen reviews where she was beautifully shot in nature and that is just amazing. =3

I’ve got no idea who she was but I saw her prototype before. Now that it’s in full colour, she looks pretty kickass and her hammer is so pretty~

Aegis is yet another work of art by Alter and from the promo pics, her detail is amazing. Still I’m not that big a Persona 3 fan to make this a guaranteed purchase~

Ironically enough even though I have Yamada, I feel no compulsion whatsoever to get Popura. That’s not to say Popura isn’t nice. Her pose is lively and from the promo pics, she has colourful drinks on her tray to make it pop. Still no feeling though… =3  Maybe if they did Inami punching something…? Hmm

Charlotte (Char just sounds wrong) from IS looks really nice as well. Her clothing is realistically rendered and she has the sweetest look. Still I skipped on her due to it being a rather moe but meh~ pose for me.

Momohime is not the only figurine getting re-issued by Alter here. Louise too is getting yet another appearance and if I had the cash, I would definitely get her..she looks so good!

What’s that here..? Other than blatantly disregarding the no photography sign, Alter is announcing a Matsumae Ohana (Hanasaku Iroha) figurine! Oh goodness, I will be really curious how they render her now..if they do Yuina or Nakochi right…I will be so suckered in.. =3

Man Alter had a lot more releases but if I were to pay them any more heed, I would be more of a hobo than I need to be… =3 I still think Alter are masters of their craft and every figurine from that company looks gorgeous..ahahaha..thanks for staying till the end!

Pictures and information kindly linked from Nekomagic. =)


9 thoughts on “Wonfes 2012 Winter: Alter’s goodies

  1. Alter has a nice showing, several figures I’m either buying already like their Louise and Aigis and several I’m considering like Menma and Kongiku. Speaking of which, I’m surprised it took Alter this long to release another batch of Momohime since she was crazy popular during her release.

    What’s this? An Ohana Alter figure? Why did no one mention such awesome piece of news before?

    • I totally know about Momohime, she is so insanely popular and everyday I just go to the Alter website to see if they have the re-release news. =3

      For Ohana I suppose the lack of pictures means people’s attention drift away to other stuff?


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