Review: 1/6 Kasumi (Max Factory)

Kasumi is from the video game “Dead or Alive” and if you have never seen her before, you probably live under a rock. Together with Mai from K.O.F, they rock the “I will dress as little as I can” Kunoichi look and that is just fantastic! =3

Kasumi was released way back in 2004 and I remember seeing this figure in a stores’s window and being blown away by how awesome it looks. That was when I was still a teenager and collecting figurines wasn’t a conscious thought yet. Fast forward to 2011, and I am finally a proud owner of Kasumi..=3

I will make no effort to hide the fact that I really really like this figurine. Hence the review might be biased but I will try to be impartial…try..=3

Kasumi here is depicted leaning forward, pulling up one of her stockings and despite the relatively static feel of the figurine, I personally think it works wonders. Kasumi blossoms with sex appeal, beauty intertwined with innocence and I think it’s the contrast of the two that makes this figure so lovely.

Being a 1/6 figurine, Kasumi is also massive when compared to 1/8 figurines or Nendoroids.

With the pose winning me over, all that’s left is the face. When you peek under the fringe, you get sort of a dopey, lost in her thoughts kind of expression. I do like it, as it adds to the whole dreamy feel of the figurine and how she is in her own world.

However, if you were to view it eye-level, this is what you will be getting. If the face were to be more visible during display, I would like it more but with this, there’s a certain sense of mystery. =3

Now let’s move on to the smaller stuff. First off, Kasumi’s katana has 2 strings hanging down and since the ends are plastic, I find the strings to be visually jarring and incompatible. You can also see her hands pulling up the stocking and the fingers are sculpted so delicately. If you were to stare at it however, you can see some paint bleeding but that’s only if you’re really anal. =3

A shot from the front here. Lovely how she pulls the stocking up. Her bountiful assets are wonderful as well. XD

Kasumi’s costume shows plenty of skin and MaxFactory translated that well. Despite it being raw plastic, it looks pretty realistic and no scarring issues on mine. However since it’s unpainted, there is some of that strange plastic sheen going on in some areas, not a big issue though, since you can only see it if you look for it.

There are also believable creases and folds in her costumes to accentuate her body sculpt.

I like how the creases were done here. You really get the feeling that the cloth is stretched really tightly and looks pretty nice. Her katana has nice paint applications as well and her crest despite looking slightly cheap, isn’t all that bad.

Her hair is swept to the side as Kasumi adjusts her stocking and I got to say even though I love the way it’s sculpted..the colour and material used reminds me of mee siam (a local dish). The hair is also raw plastic (if i’m not mistaken) and has a cheap, rubbery feel to it.

Personally, I think the golden bands around her shoes is the worst part of this figurine. It looks fake and not that well sculpted to be defined and seems just added on as an afterthought.

However from the front, the hair doesn’t seem all the plasticky and that’s a good thing!

A bottom view. You won’t see this part of Kasumi unless you flip her up but I got to commend MaxFactory on the nice collarbone sculpt there. =3

Man she is gorgeous. Her base isn’t though..

The base really does look sucky~


Before I go into the conclusion, you have to keep in mind that Kasumi was a 2004 Dec release. This means that she around 7 years old now. It might not seem like such a long time but in the figure world, 7 years is crazy long and there has been all sorts of advances since then. Kasumi’s unpainted body and hair might seem very raw and rubbery and some lines on her costumes bleed but personally I feel that she still holds her own very well. There is something classic about this figurine and despite her age, Kasumi still looks gorgeous and downright sexy. Other than blue, there are also black and white versions of her costumes and both looks great as well. I would highly recommend this figurine to anyone interested and Kasumi remains one of my favourite items in my collection. =3



13 thoughts on “Review: 1/6 Kasumi (Max Factory)

  1. Man… I’ve always wanted to get this, but couldn’t ever and still can’t justify owning it. Kudos on the wonderful piece. The sculpt definitely doesn’t show its age.

  2. She was one of my first crush on a static scale figure… but i’m limiting myself to articulated figures >_<

    i know if i start with static scales too there's no end to it T^T

  3. Really love how girls can look so innocent XD I can’t even explain how amused I am at the fact that Kasumi-chan can still look innocent & sweet despite showing so much skin XD DOA brings me back very far into my childhood. . . . . and seriously a 2004 release?! I remember that during those days, I still collect plenty of gunpla and whatnot, oblivious to the existence of character figures

    • I think it’s the obvious contrast between these 2 factors that is really appealing! Ero-kawaii in a sense~

      Hey I also went through the same progression, gunpla –> figures. XD you can never have enough money to feed this bottomless pit~ =3

  4. She’s so hot! I was already interested on her character when I was playing dead or alive back in the old days. =3 Brings back memories, fighting Hayate and the others (if I remember correctly)

  5. Nice rendition of Kasumi, I like that Max Factory gave Kasumi the right focus :D.

    I’ve seen this figure before but I never noticed all the nice little details such as the stockings, shoes or her sword.


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