Review: 1/8 Sasasegawa Sasami (Alter)

Sasasegawa Sasami (it’s a tongue twister!) is from the visual novel and manga Little Busters and despite not knowing the character, I was charmed enough to get this rendition of Sasami-chan since it looks so pretty~

Sasami is produced by Alter so straight off the bat, I was expecting quality for this release. =3

Not that interesting a base but colourful enough. =3

Sasami is obviously a loli and if any readers are offended by how she was sculpted, you should leave now..because

You get an upskirt shot here! =3

Sasami is depicted in a sitting position and her hair, hands and body posture all come together to make it believable. =3


All figurine’s are viewed by how good their faces are and Sasami has an elfin almost cat-like eyes to her. Ironic since she is a dog-lover..=D I also like how her fringe was done and those individual strands of hair helps in giving definition and movement to the whole sculpt.

Her skirt has really crisp painting and you can see how her right hand is supporting her body in the above 2 shots. She has a really simple white top but there’s shading done to accentuate the crumples and lines. Not mind-blowing but sufficient.

Personally I think Sasami’s head looks the best, from her face to her hair and ribbons, it was all done really well with the painting and sculpt. =3

Her long hair cascades down onto the ground and you if viewed from below, there is still sculpting done on the bottom part of the hair! Interestingly enough, Sasami’s pantsu also has a pattern to it. Did Alter know people like me would flip her up to peek at her pantsu~ XD

It’s a really simple pose, but it exudes sensuality and cuteness all in 1 package. Ero-kawaii?

The base gives a splash of colour to the otherwise pastel feeling figurine. However the base is really wide so depending on your space, you can display her with or without it.


Sasasegawa (I’m only going to use this name sparingly) is an Alter release and with every other Alter figurine I have, I expect quality. Did Sasasegawa (…) deliver that? On the sculpt and paint-job, I would say Alter did really well in translating Sasami (Ha!) to figure form and even though I have never played the game, she appeals enough to make me spend on her. The slightly sexualised Loli factor might put some people off but that’s really a matter of personal taste. Sasami is a good release, but not epic along the lines of Gwendolyn, Mercedes or Momohime. Good to have, but not a must-have.

The innocence of youth? XD


11 thoughts on “Review: 1/8 Sasasegawa Sasami (Alter)

  1. “The slightly sexualised Loli factor might put some people off but that’s really a matter of personal taste.” — Haha! I agree but I’m on the liking of the sexualised loli factor, it adds spice to the character that she seems innocent on some angles but adventurous on some other angles. =3 =3 =3

  2. Sasami-tan! (my loli-pride burns with every loli character there is lol :D)
    We should all know by now that loli characters can not compete with “healthier” girls by their own, that is why they employ the twin tail, tsundere, regular pantsu shot tactic to balance things out ^_^


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